Zodiac Error: Why You Could Have A Different Horoscope Than You Always Thought

Zodiac Error: Why You Could Have A Different Horoscope Than You Always Thought

Posted: January 24, 2019 by XPOFeed

This turns our world upside down: Sagittarius are actually scorpions or “serpent bearers”, some Capricorn are actually Sagittarius. Read here your real Zodiac sign !

Do we all have a different sign of the zodiac than we always thought?

Surprising news  for all those who now and then her horoscope check before they start the day. And also all typical Pisces, Sagittarius, Aries and Cancer., Who like to attribute their “generosity”, “curiosity” or “desire for freedom” to their zodiac sign , should now be very strong . Because most of us (86 percent) have lived through their entire lives with a mistake . This insight was recently featured in the Stargazing Live  program of BBC’s British TV station .

Zodiac signs would be elaborated more than 2000 years ago – the people were given a star  chart, depending on the position of the sun at the moment of birth . This means that every year the sun is at exactly the same place on the birthday as it was at birth.

Zodiac Signs

There are now 13 Zodiac signs – new: the “Serpent Bearer”

Theoretically, this should be so – because exactly here lies the cause of the changed signs of the zodiac. An astronomical phenomenon – the so-called “precession movement” is to blame. It has the consequence that the course of the earth changes and the originally defined zodiac dates no longer match the state of the sun. This results in “corrected” data – and completely new star sign time periods. Also a 13th character is added – the “snake bearer”should have characteristics of Sagittarius and Scorpio. Cancer: scorpions are born only six days a year, Virgo even 44.

Here you can check which is your real zodiac sign

  1. Taurus: May 15 – June 21
  2. Gemini: June 22 – July 20
  3. Cancer: July 21 – August 10
  4. Leo: 11th August – 16th September
  5. Virgo: 17 September – 31 October
  6. Libra: November 1st – November 23rd
  7. Scorpio: November 24th – November 29th
  8. Serpent bearer : 30th November – 18th December
  9. Sagittarius: 19 December – 20 January
  10. Capricorn: January 21st – February 16th
  11. Aquarius: 17 February – 12 March
  12. Pisces: 13th March – 18th April
  13. Aries: April 19 – May 14


Zodiac Error: Why You Could Have A Different Horoscope Than You Always Thought

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