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Even if we are miles apart, I want you to know that I know how you are. You’re the kind of girl that binds so easily.

You always give people so many opportunities and you think that over time they will notice how amazing you are. But that never really happens, does it?

I also know that you care more about others than yourself, and that it hurts you to see bad things happen around you.

I know all these things because I’m just like you.

You surrender your love selflessly to everyone and think that they will reciprocate it in the same way just because you have such a big heart.

But darling, you should know that girls like you and me are so rare these days. We are like rough diamonds and no matter how hard we try to put ourselves first, we can never do it.

But before your heart is broken again by a guy who did not deserve you, or a friend who betrayed you, you should know that, “I hope that by 2019 you will learn to let go of everything that breaks you!”


I hope you will see how amazing you are and that you have to let go of all the toxic people around you.

They do not deserve your time or your love. They do not deserve you to take care of them, because they will never really understand you.

After you let her go, do the same with people who do not deserve you.


Do not be with someone and do not think that he will change over time. The bitter truth is that he would have changed by now if he had felt something strong for you.

Do not let your heart break and you wonder if you could have done better. Because you could not do it.

It was all her fault. They made mistakes and screwed up every chance they got from you. So leave them now and do not risk living again with a broken heart.

Once you’re done with them, just think about yourself and the things that bother you. You know that guilty feeling that you did not do something right?

Just let it be good. It’s the past, so leave it where it belongs.

Start the new year fresh and get rid of the things that have bothered you so long.

You will not get anywhere if you continue to worry about things you can not control. Live in peace and do not think about your mistakes; only then can you find your happiness.


If you feel like you made it, I want you to let go of some other things.

Let go of the negativity, because it will lead you into its vicious circle and play with your thoughts in ways you can not imagine.

Get rid of the fear of what the future might bring because you think you have done nothing to earn a bright future.

Remember that you fought as hard as possible for yourself and do not let anyone convince you otherwise.

In 2019, I want you to stop putting others first, not because you do not want it, but because you do not deserve it.

They had many chances of you, but somehow you were always the one who pulled the short straw.

Do not compare yourself with others because you do not know what’s behind your fake smile. Maybe all of them have a worse life than you, but you do not see it because they know how to lie better.

Stop taking everything personally because sometimes you just break your head over things that are not even addressed to you.

Remember that all people will try to hurt you at some point in your life, but you are the one who will choose who is worthy of your tears.

Please, stop saying yes to everyone just because you feel sorry for him. Tell me, when was the last time someone took pity on you?

Remember that people will only use you as much as you allow, so do not think that you will hurt their feelings if you say “no” from time to time. It is for your own good.

In the end, you should let go of your past because it can not define you. It is true that you may have done some things in your past that were not right, but you can not think of them all the time.

Make sure that you are satisfied with your life and decisions, because the only person you need to justify yourself is YOU!Leave the past where it belongs, and look the future in the eye, because that’s where you have to go.


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