Which Soul Tree Suits You? Based On Your Zodiac Signs

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The Celtic horoscope is not about star pictures, but about trees that are supposed to be connected to the soul. See for yourself which tree suits your birthday.

The Celtic Horoscope – ever heard? The stars are not the only prophets when it comes to our traits. The Celts believed that it is the trees that are closely related to us.

Who were the Celts? An ancient ethnic group that lived in Europe in the fifth and sixth centuries BC. Little is known of this time, so there is no sure evidence that the Celtic horoscope was used at that time. Only in the 19th century it became known as a tree horoscope.

But that does not mean that you can not be inspired. Have fun!

The apple tree (Cancer)

The apple tree stands for love. Therefore, the people who have this soul tree should also be very sensitive and charming. They are good listeners, helpful and believe in the good in people. Of course they make many and good friends.

The FIR (Gemini)

Fir people are considered profound and mysterious. You never know what they are thinking because they protect their vulnerable soul. Striking is their particular ambition with which they pursue their goals. Even if they fail, they have enough power to start all over again.

The elm (Aries)

People with this soul tree have a social vein, are helpful and attentive. You have a lot of wit, you can think fast and you are especially intelligent. However much they like to sacrifice themselves to others, they do not accept instructions from others.

The cypress (Scorpio)

The cypress people are free spirits. Creative and freedom-loving as they are, they can always re-shape their lives. No matter what happens to them, they can find a way out of the dilemma. At work, they sometimes sting because of their unusual way of thinking, so they are excellent self-employed.

The poplar (Pisces)

These people are rather undecided. Although they are usually very attractive on the outside, they do not always have a secure appearance. They are only courageous when they really have to. On the other hand, they are also very practical and can organize well.

The hack berry tree ( Gemini)

People with the hack berry can adapt to many situations wonderfully, because they are very flexible. They know their strengths and focus on it. However, it is above all the mind that they rely on. In love they are faithful – that is why they take a long time to choose the right partner.

The pine (Capricorn)

Pine people are very picky. You can quickly get excited about things and people and just as quickly lose interest in them. However, they are also very resilient, forward thinking and hardworking. They love the morning hours.

Pasture (Aries)

Willow tree souls have a sense of beauty, but are sometimes melancholy. They are honest, full of love and love to travel. Her intuition is extraordinary. They are very sensitive to other people.

Linde (Libra)

Linde people are calm and imaginative. However, this fantasy also causes them to lose themselves in daydreams and wish for a better future. It’s hard for Linden to tackle these too. Nevertheless, these people are very popular because they are kind and ready to sacrifice.

The Oak (Sagittarius)

An oak tree is sturdy and can not disturb anything so quickly. Just like the people who have this soul tree. They are steadfast, powerful and courageous. However, these strong people also need a lot of freedom to develop their great potential.

The olive tree (Libra)

The olive tree, or olive tree, needs the sun. That is why these people have a cheerful mind. They avoid aggression and strife and never interfere in the lives of others. But that does not mean they are indifferent to their fellow human beings. They are just calm and have a great inner wisdom.

The hazel bush (Pisces)

These people may not be seen at first glance, but they are exceptionally bright and can think at lightning speed. Your judgment is enviable. Living together they are very understanding and can easily win people over.

The mountain ash (Gemini)

People who have the rowan tree as a soul tree seem rich at first sight. Charming, tender and smiling. But there is more behind it. Sorrow and joy experience them deeply and intensely. They also have a tendency to take things into their own hands and dominate others.

The Maple (Virgo)

Maple people are free spirits who work best on their own. Some would say that they are vain. Others would call it self-esteem. In any case, they are original and can not be deterred by social conventions.

The nut Tree (Scorpio)

These people are passionate – in all directions. They are full of contrasts, they can be warm-heated, spontaneous and purposeful and then selfish and aggressive. You just never know what you get and that is often particularly appealing to others.

The chestnut (Aries)

The chestnut is a soul tree for people who have a great sense of justice. They never want to persuade others, but always convince them through the matter. In love, however, they are easily calculating and have concrete ideas. It would be better to realize that life is not just black and white, but often gray.

The ash (Libra)

Ambition, that’s what characterizes humans with this soul tree. They are strong leaders. They are inquisitive and always interested in broadening their horizons. Your environment can overwhelm that, but criticism does not deter ash people.

The hornbeam (Leo)

An extraordinary sense of beauty people have with the soul tree horn-beam. They are attractive, have a good taste and would like to be admired. At work, they are disciplined and sensitive to the cause. However, they often think for a very long time. This can already be lost opportunities.

The fig tree (Pisces)

Sensitive people with the Soul Tree fig tree can fathom the moods of others. On the other hand, your own is often cool and distant. But they are not, they are just afraid to show themselves open. Fig tree people need time to build a healthy self-esteem.

The birch (Sagittarius)

The birch tree can not do much either because it does not demand much. Just like the people with this soul tree. They are modest and modest. But are they above average intelligent and imaginative. Only they would have to use that better.

The beech (Aries)

Practical and true to life, that is said about people with this soul tree. Her attitudes are more conservative. To have a good life is a good job, a family and a suitable home. Because of their lofty goals, they can easily become thought leaders for others.


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