Which Hairstyle Suits You Based On Your Zodiac Signs

Posted: November 23, 2018 by XPOFeed

You are still looking for the perfect hairstyle? Then take a look at your zodiac sign. That can tell you which haircut is perfect for you.



You are self-confident, independent and love to radiate your power? Then a perfect lion’s mane fits your zodiac sign . Whether long or short hair – the main thing you have true power leashes. For more volume, it is advisable to have a step cut.




Whether on the job, the circle of friends or with the new hairstyle : Gemini like to be the focus. And for that to work, they’re more experimental with their hair than other signs of the zodiac. That’s why Boxerbraids or other elaborate braiding hairstyles are especially good for them. These are striking and yet feminine.




The Taurus is generally considered to be very loyal and likes no changes. This Zodiac sign therefore needs a hairstyle that never goes out of fashion, so it can be worn over decades. Elegant, stylish and timelessly beautiful is the Long Bob. Even celebrities like Jessica Alba wear this haircut therefore with preference.




Whether short or long hair – temperate and lively ram women is a step cut particularly well and underlines their traits optimally. Stylish role model: Gigi Hadid.




This Zodiac sign is very sensitive and emotional. Therefore, depending on the mood, the hair must be able to experiment with different hairstyles. That’s why a classic, half-length haircut fits in with it, allowing many looks to be created. The colors may be experimented with. Above all, a gentle Ombré look suits the zodiac sign.



What are Virgo known for? Especially for their care and perfectionism. Which hairstyle could fit better than a super practical, neat and equally stylish bun?



The zodiac Libra is best known for its almost unlimited creativity. Of course, this is also reflected in the hairstyle: Whether Sleek Look, Half Bun or elaborate braiding, the Libra can wear almost any hairstyle. The main thing is varied.





In job and private life scorpions are true organizational talents and always on the ball. Even with their hairstyle, they like everything under control and leave no strand to chance. To this character fit neat ponytails very well. They are feminine, noble and practical in everyday life.




The shooter carries his heart on his tongue and likes to swim against the current. This is characterized by the hair mainly by different colors. Granny Hair, a strong red or Ombré Hair fits this zodiac sign.




Friendly and self-ironic – that’s how the Capricorn shows. The hairstyle must go fast with this zodiac, but not always perfect fit. That’s why light beach waves are great, and they do not have to be accurate with the curling iron.




Who is as creative and individual as the Aquarius, who can wear braided hairstyles particularly well. There are no limits to the ideas. These also underline the femininity and playfulness of this zodiac sign.




Courage – of which the zodiac sign Pisces has much more than other signs of the zodiac and therefore dares sometimes cool short haircuts. You do not have one? Then a pixie cut or Bob should be worth considering.





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