Whatsapp: That's How You Write According To Your Zodiac Sign

Whatsapp: That’s How You Write According To Your Zodiac Sign

Posted: January 14, 2019 by XPOFeed

Some are more silent, others bombard you with emojis. What does your zodiac reveal about your WhatsApp message style?  


You are not exactly the fan of exuberant enthusiasm or emojis. The most necessary and the short and tight is said.


Exactly the opposite one says after the Pisces. Emojis and emotional explosions are simply part of their messages. Better a little too much enthusiasm than too little.


Answers like “haha” or “hehei” love Aries especially. Since they are very happy people, they also like to show that in their news. Laughing emojis are also included.


Radio silence does not exist with this zodiac sign. They like to talk and keep the conversation going with short “What are you doing?” Or “Alright with you?”


Instead of long messages, they prefer to send many short ones. It can be a bit annoying with time.


Cancers choose their words very carefully, so they need a few minutes longer until their message is ready. But whoever expects a long message now is wrong. With a short “Ok”, of course carefully considered, you have to be satisfied.


They love the self-expression and that also in their news. They like to send Seflies, photos or videos of their latest and greatest things.


Virgo are especially fond of photos, videos or GIFs from cute baby animals. So you can cheer up a great.


Unnecessary details will not be found in their news. They write only the most important facts, for the rest they are far too busy.


The scorpion loves kitsch. His WhatsApp messages are full of heart and kisses.


You avoid many words and long sentences. Instead, they preferred Emojis to express their thoughts.


It may well happen that you have to wait hours for an answer when writing with a Capricorn. They are really no communication geniuses and are not among the great copywriters.


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