Are You Serious When You Say That! That’s What We Really Think About In Yoga

Posted: October 28, 2018 by XPOFeed

Who does yoga turns off everything and is deeply relaxed? Well … not necessarily. We really think that when we get lost on the mat.

According to theory, we should actually completely rest in yoga, forget the stress of everyday life and simply turn off the head. But hand on heart: It’s not that easy. Which thoughts we all hang from time to time during the training.

The looking down dog

This yoga exercise is basically the attitude in which we (when we are already trained!) Can relax best. If you are completely relaxed, then at the sight of the feet but sometimes even digress the thoughts. Then come up questions such as: When was the last time I painted my toenails?

The funeral

We admit: The name of this pose is worth more than a thought. Despite everything, she is the pose of total relaxation, which should free from everyday stress and give the brain a break. However, we should not make ourselves too comfortable, otherwise it may happen that the actual exercise will be a short nap. Sure, that’s why we focus on not falling asleep.


The toddler position

Who has problems with neck tension, will love the toddler position. She stretches our legs and back. However, we can not help but think that we could be packed in a suitcase so easily. And while we are already at suitcase: Where should actually go to the next trip?


The lotus pose

Those who do not practice yoga themselves always have the lotus pose in their minds – this twisted cross-doggedness, where the woman should close her eyes and rest in herself. However, when the classic sitting posture comes to the end of the session, your thoughts are swirling around the things that wait for us after the class – two glasses of wine, for example.

The warrior II

The Warrior position is intended to strengthen balance and concentration. The arms are stretched horizontally away from the body. If hunger comes now, your thoughts will quickly circle around the food: Should it be an apple or a donuts ?!


The Eagle

The eagle is not for beginners, because here is true body feeling in demand. Once you have found the right position, it feels like you are completely knotted – and somehow inevitably has to think of the headphones in your pocket. After all, they also have to be knotted again before they function again.


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