What men wants in Relationship: 10 wishes that are sure to interest you

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Whether it’s dating, dating or relationship: what men want is somehow always good to know. Especially because we often submit completely different wishes …

In general, we are piecemeal , what men want. First, we usually have enough to do to figure out what we want. And secondly, in an emergency we usually get it somehow that men want what we want them to want – if you understand

What men wants in Relationship: 10 wishes that are sure to interest you

What men want: That’s why it’s good to know

But there are often enough frustrating situations when suddenly we do not strap on anything anymore. Why is the partner suddenly so dismissive? Why the hell does not he write me after this awesome date? Did not he have tingling in his stomach ? Did I misinterpret his body language?

Of course, then the question arises: “Hey, what does he want?” Before we jump straight into love sickness or poke in the fog and make other  contortions to respond to his supposed wishes (from diet to new hairstyles and lingerie to Kamasutra study – it’s all already been): Better take a deep breath, a cool Keep your head and make it clear again what it really is, what men want.

Then, in most cases, we can save ourselves the diet and hairstyle experiments (unless of course, we’ll do it for US). Because even though some men in surveys may say they like slim or long-haired grenades in bed, what they want from a partner and how we put them on in the long run is usually very different.

What men want: 10 qualities and things that many value

1. Naturalness

Surprise: Most men find natural women attractive. Do not worry! That does not mean that we can not make-up or stop shaving our legs. It means to be unaffected and authentic – and it does not matter if we wear make-up, dye our hair or make boobs. The key is that we live our lives and do not pretend to please others. This always looks attractive.

What men wants in Relationship: 10 wishes that are sure to interest you

2. Respect

Men are also men (in their very special way 😅). Therefore, they need (and deserve) respect as much as we do, especially from their partner who they also value and trust.

3. Self-confidence

Sure, we want someone on our side who strengthens our self-esteem and gives us security. But a solid base should be there regardless of the man– both in our interest and in his. Because if we ourselves are not convinced by ourselves: how can we then expect our partner to be him?

4. Free space

Few men can stand it when we write 24 messages a day or claim to spend every free minute with us. (Phew, thankfully, or a problem for you because you’re pathologically jealous, then here’s how to fight your jealousy .)

5. Sex

No surprise: sex is important to men. Most also want their girlfriend (thanks to them!) To have a fulfilling love life (including orgasms). In this respect: If it hooks in bed or you have  orgasm problems, do not hesitate to talk to him and tell him your needs (preferably directly in the introductory phase). If you care about him, he’s sure to go out of his way to make you feel satisfied too, whether through bloody sex , quickie or maybe with the help of tantra yoga .

6. Caring

In the deepest interior, even in the toughest guys, who are so full of masculinity, there are often mothers’ wives who like to be cooked and who want care and compassion when they are ill. Well, what are we not doing for love …

7. Humor

Luckily, men love women with humor ! Small limitation: For it to match, it is of course important that we are intellectually on the same wavelength and have a similar sense of humor. If one of you starts off with the silly, shallow joke and the other is sarcastic, there’s often less to laugh about.

What men wants in Relationship: 10 wishes that are sure to interest you

8. Friendship

Yeah, this whole B romance thing between him and his buddies can make you a bit sick. But men sometimes need friends to be happy (just like us), and ideally their partner is a good bro . Alps-Contests may not be so sexy, but sometimes hang together UN-romantically together or pursue common hobbies as friends do, many men want from their dream wife. And let’s face it: are not we the same?

What men wants in Relationship: 10 wishes that are sure to interest you

9. Used

Hardly anything is worse than feeling superfluous – even for men. Of course, no one wants a toddler as a friend who needs help anytime, anywhere. But to let him be our superman every now and then, we do not break our teeth. His ego is doing well and in the end we also like to be seduced by a hero.

10. Openness

“If you do not know without words what is going on in me, we are probably not meant for each other” – Kindergartner! In a relationship or when we are in love, we should speak plain language and speak openly and honestly what is going on in us. Not that men are basically insensitive or that they do not understand psychology, but not every person feels like playing hobby therapist.

What men wants in Relationship: 10 wishes that are sure to interest you

Attention! Of course, for men as well as for women: Everyone is different and has their own mind. In this respect, a distinction is made between men and women, which each and every one specifically wishes. So in case of doubt just stick to point 10: openly ask him what he wants and then decide if he can get it from us!

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