What Is Your Dark Side? Based On Zodiac Sign

Posted: November 26, 2018 by XPOFeed

Yes, you are good people! But in each of you is also a more or less hidden dark side. Here you will learn some.





Capricorns always want to control everything and do not seek help, even if they can not go any further. Therefore, it can be quite exhausting to plan something together with ibexes. In general, teamwork is a bit tricky with them.



Hui, if Aquarius does not like something or feels harassed, then he goes into rebellion. He does his thing without looking right and left. An additional challenge for Aquarian: they are very changeable. Your mood can change from one moment to the next.



Never hunt a Pisces, because then it beats fast with its fins around itself. In addition, Pisces can be quite manipulative to get to their destination – in all walks of life.



Aries are prone to arrogance and can be so direct that they hurt others with their statements. Anyone who asks them for their opinion should therefore be prepared for clear words. And beware: Aries are often domineering.



Taurus are damn jealous – sometimes they see ghosts and exaggerate it completely. Once they have formed an opinion, it is difficult to dissuade them again. To discuss? Is futile in the Zodiac Taurus !



It can be a bit exhausting with twins. Because they just can not decide. Sometimes they say huh, let’s say hott. Even in love, they always need distance – a potential burden on the relationship.



Mine Mine MINE! Cancer are often possessive and terribly moody. Relationships, but also friendships with them can sometimes be really challenging.



The Zodiac sign Leo can be so self-loving! Of course, that’s why Leo always want to be the center of attention and others like to break it down a bit. In a relationship they always want to be the number one – can annoy in the long run something.



Virgo are relatively uncompromising. Therefore, it is often difficult to come to a common denominator with them. They also like to criticize and are super perfectionist, which does not always go down well with their fellow human beings.



What really annoys scales sometimes: they often need admiration. That’s why “Fishing for compliments” is one of her biggest hobbies. If scales get no recognition, they quickly get out of balance and react irritably.



Scorpions are quite demanding and let their fellow human beings feel that too. If they are disappointed or hurt, they quickly develop revenge. Therefore , the Zodiac sign Scorpio should not provoke for the sake of heaven!



“Do it differently!” Such sentences are heard more often by shooters. Because they have a great urge to proselytize. Of course that can be quite annoying. In addition, the Sagittarius often changes his mind – which is difficult especially for joint planning.

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