What does love mean: the phases of a relationship 

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We deal with the question “What does love mean?” and imagine the different phases of a relationship.

A difficult question: What does love mean?

To the question “What does love mean?” There is no universal answer, because each person defines love differently and individually for themselves , for example, the following definition is found:

  “strong sense of being attracted to others, strong affection based on feeling towards a (close) person”

For example, love can also be based on mental attraction and does not always have to be physical.

The difference between love and infatuation

If you are freshly in love, you often talk about the well-known butterflies or a tingling sensation in the stomach .

In the initial phase we are excited when we meet our partner and our body releases more dopamine , also called happiness hormone.

This phase takes different lengths for each couple, but usually it is over after one year at the latest.

Love then develops out of the initial love-being . This means that we feel a deep connection to our partner and develop a sense of belonging , which is enhanced by the increase of the hormone Oxycontin.

In the phases of a relationship., routines set in and the feeling of being in love disappears.

What does love mean – an attempt to explain ..

Because the relationship seems less exciting at the time, many couples part ways after the first phase.

We mistakenly assume that we no longer have any feelings for our partner and suddenly discover qualities that bother us.

In addition, one misses the initial infatuation, the touch may be less, the sex life falls asleep or jealousy is spreading.

Instead of thinking about separation at this point, one should try to tackle the problems. For true love begins only when you grow together as a couple, make compromises and accept each other.

At this stage, it is perfectly normal to doubt that you have really found your partner for life and that you ask yourself, ” Shall I break up? “. But you should not quit the relationship right away.

Couples who survive this phase can then look forward to a very trusting and stable partnership. You have experienced ups and downs together, know each other’s quirks and know how to deal with them .

In this relationship phase, one can speak of true love, because our partner gives us the feeling of security and gives us support.

How can you maintain love?

A relationship should never be taken for granted. On the contrary, it must be constantly worked on and the love must be maintained . Therefore you should surprise each other again and again, try new things and get to know other sides of the partner in phases of a relationship.

Couples in long-standing relationships also emphasize time and again that it is important to preserve their freedoms and not to be dependent on the partner .

After all, you are still an independent individual, with very personal interests and needs. Another important aspect: self-love .

Only those who can accept themselves and have developed a healthy self-confidence, can also transfer this to their loved ones.

And last but not least, it is important to talk to your partner over and over again, to talk about each other’s wishes and to show interest in them.

Mutual respect is the key to a long-lasting love for many couples.

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