What Are You Upset About? Your Zodiac Sign Betrays It

Posted: October 24, 2018 by XPOFeed

It sure is, this one thing that can drive you to white heat. What that is exactly, tell you the zodiac sign!

I can not believe it! Sometimes we get so worked up about something that we wonder: why does not that leave me any peace? According to astrology, it is also because of our zodiac sign , which lets us out of the skin. Do you recognize yourself here?


Aquarius are always and everywhere involved for the poor. That’s why it makes it all too real for well-to-do people to go through life ignorantly and selfishly, without giving away their wealth. The Zodiac sign Aquarius donates regularly – and if it is “only” the euro for the homeless.


Criticism? Do not like fish! Especially not if they can not understand the criticism. They can annoy themselves for days on end, and they can even become white sharks!



Aries always want to do everything fast. That’s why it gets them upset when people dawdle. Besides, they themselves are very spontaneous and passionate. People who always have to plan everything months in advance, they find pretty annoying.



They are stubborn, the Taurus. And they hate to adapt. So also to spontaneous plan changes. If a friend wants to cancel at short notice or wants to do something else, Taurus like to pull out their horns.



A partner who is constantly clinging and does not give them the freedom – that’s no use for twins. They can therefore bring jealousy to 180 – even more so if they are completely unfounded.



Crabs hate to be hugged unasked. Anything that harasses her or crosses her personal limit can cause her to have a little rage attack.



Men who nibble their wives are a special thorn in the eyes of the lionesses. You yourself always want to be the # 1 in the relationship. So if the partner presents them as stupid or weak, the Leo sign will move their claws out.



If one thing does not get perfect, then the Zodiac sign can freak out virgo . Because it has a very high demand on itself. Especially when it knows: I can do better, it can not let go of a failure for days.



Scales see the positive in everything. That’s why they do not like it when you paint things black. “That never works”, “I can not do it anyway” or “Why does it always have to hit me?” , With these statements you can drive the Zodiac sign Libra really insane.



“We’ve always done that!” Such phrases can not stand scorpions at all. It annoys them animal, if nothing goes forward, because nothing new is tried. They want to see something develop.



Sagittarius often have the urge to proselytize. That is why it excites them when someone stubbornly insists on their opinion (even if they often do that themselves). If someone is on the wrong track, they definitely want to dissuade him.



Capricorns rarely seek help. Therefore, they also can not understand why some people are so terribly dependent. “I do not know how to book a plane ticket.” Such sentences bring ibexes to the palm.


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