Weight Loss Tips: 9 Tricks That Really Makes A Difference

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Weight Loss tips for everyday life can be implemented easily and help you to lose a few kilograms without much effort – without the annoying yo-yo effect!

Losing weight could be so easy! If you do not have to constantly pay attention to what you eat. And if it were not so important to do sports for it (even if losing weight without sport can be quite successful, it is difficult). Presumably, each of us has already dieted once in his life without losing weight in the long term. Which weight loss tips really help to get rid of extra pounds?

  • Do not go hungry
  • Start the metabolism
  • Eat above basal metabolic rate
  • Spare calories
  • Do not forbid everything
  • Reduce stress
  • Do not go hungry
  • Move
  • Sleep well

Weight loss tips – which really helps

As bad as it is – without minor habits changes, losing weight works neither with diets nor without. These weight loss tips will help you achieve your goals:

1. Do not starve!

Sounds like a strange weight loss tip, but is really very important. Because let’s be honest: Who has ever been through a strict diet in which the stomach has growled and you were always hungry? It is better to starve than rely on foods that are full for a long time and have a low calorie intake.

Maintaining a good feeling of satiety is above all fiber, as they are found in whole-grain products and proteins that are present in protein. Protein-containing foods include dairy products, eggs, fish and meat. Of course, what is not missing on a healthy diet is fruits and vegetables. By the way, a similar concept that makes losing weight without hunger possible is the Volumetrics diet .

2. crank up the metabolism

Only if our metabolism works properly, we can let the pounds tumble. That’s why we really want to heat it up with chilli and ginger. Both stimulate the metabolism, which is responsible for the energy production. For this he uses fats, carbohydrates and proteins of the food. But when these are used up, the metabolism draws the needed energy from the body’s own reserves, that is, the unloved fat-pad. Daily a cup of ginger tea or spicy lunch like Chilli con Carne supports us accordingly in burning calories and is one of the best weight loss tips.

3. Always eat above the basal metabolic rate

Radical diets usually bring nothing. Who wants to lose weight long term and healthy, should achieve a calorie deficit without falling below his basal metabolic rate. It indicates how much energy your body needs daily for vital processes such as breathing or digestion. It is an individual value that can be determined, for example, through a medical examination. For most adults it is between 1,400 and 1,900 kcal daily.

If you eat fewer calories than you need by basal metabolism, the body can switch after a while to the so-called hunger metabolism: He believes that a famine has broken out and retracts the energy used to ensure their own survival. As a result, we consume fewer calories, on the other hand, the basal metabolic rate decreases. In order to lose weight now, we would have to eat less and less, which further increases the hunger metabolism – a vicious circle begins. Therefore, you should always keep your metabolic rate in mind to lose weight!

4. Save calories for the weekend

Say no to the girls’ night out at the weekend just because you’re scared of the calorie-packed pizza for the movie? No way! It is not necessary to give up everything because of a diet (and it does not make you happy). Instead, you can try to save a few calories during the week, which you can then easily invest in the pizza. But beware: This weight loss tip is not a free ticket for unrestrained feasting on the weekend! Be realistic about how many calories you have saved.

5. Do not forbid everything

And speaking of pizza: Do not forbid every food completely just because it’s unhealthy. There is nothing wrong with eating a pizza once or twice a month, if you can not do without it. And if you can not live without your daily dose of chocolate, they will treat you – but only in moderation. Best only one piece a day.

6. Reduce stress

Who does not know the infamous stress food? When losing weight, this is unfortunately very much in the way, because it usually ensures that we not only eat more, but also the wrong. Studies show that fat is stored in permanently stressed people – and that also on the stomach. Relaxation techniques such as meditation and yoga can make you forget the daily stress and therefore belong to our weight loss tips. And: Losing weight on the stomach then works thanks to this article too.

7. Do not buy hungry one

Maybe one of the most important weight loss tips ever! When the stomach growls, it is almost impossible to resist temptations. And where is there more than in the supermarket? Therefore always make sure that you are well saturated when you do your weekly shopping. So lands less guaranteed unhealthy in the shopping cart.

8. Move

Nobody likes to hear it, but the bitter truth is that exercise helps to lose weight especially well. It stimulates the metabolism, builds muscle and can keep us healthy for a long time. At least two or three times a week, you should move at least for 30 minutes each. It does not have to be a high performance sport – cycling, swimming or jogging are just as well suited to burning calories.

9. Sleep well

Perhaps the most pleasant weight loss tip: sleeping is incredibly important for losing weight. Insufficient sleep causes the level of the hormone leptin, which triggers our satiety, to drop. But the level of the appetite-enhancing hormones ghrelin and orexin increases. The result: we eat more. At best, we sleep around eight hours every night to avoid it.

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