We Want To Imitate These Seven Fitness Trends In 2018 Immediately

Posted: November 3, 2018 by XPOFeed

Winter bacon has started on the hips and stomach? Then down from the couch and off to the sport. With these seven trendy sports, you can start the new year fit.


1. Dancing cardio 

In Dancing Cardio, you dance to your favorite song a sophisticated cardio unit. And: A ten-minute training a day is enough. It’s that easy!


2. Virtual sports courses

Instead of going to the gym to attend classes, we virtually make them at home. This not only saves the trip to the studio, but is also the low-priced alternative. Many gyms offer courses for a small contribution online. Supportive: tracking bracelets and smartwatches that record exactly how fast you were and how much you lost in time in terms of calories.

3. Boxing


Not only top models like Gigi Hadid or Kendall Jenner love exhausting, but very effective boxing training. Best of all, you can burn up to 500 calories in just 30 minutes. In addition, the condition is increased and the deep muscles defined. So definitely try 2018.


4. Fun and intense interval whole body workout are not mutually exclusive

So-called Hitt training (High Intensity Tactical Training) offer modern fitness clubs. Between 45-60 minutes on treadmill or bike a hard interval training completed – best house music and club atmosphere included. They provide enough drive and a really good mood. 

5. Aerial Yoga

Weightless in the warrior – that describes the new yoga style “Aerial Yoga” pretty well. In this version of yoga trapezoidal towels hang on thick hooks from the ceiling. This will then be done special exercises, where otherwise the weightlessness could be a problem. Thanks to the cloths you should fall mentally and let hang. Sounds exciting and will definitely be on everyone’s lips this year. 

6th outdoor boot camp

Doing exercises indoors alone? It is just boring! More and more sports enthusiasts want to get some fresh air. But not alone: ​​So-called outdoor boot camps are offered in large city parks. There, a group of 10-15 people meet, who are “chased” by a coach for an hour through the park. There is no giving up, the group dynamics motivate additionally.

7. Aqua Bouncing

If you have problems with your joints, Aqua Bouncing is the perfect solution. In the middle of the pool is a trampoline under water, on which one hops up and down for one hour. So arms, torso, legs and back muscles are equally stressed. In addition, blood circulation and metabolism are stimulated. 

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