We should never-ever store these 7 things in the bathroom

Posted: December 24, 2018 by XPOFeed

Our bathroom – also known as the place where we store everything we use every morning. The problem: not everything is in good hands here. We’ll tell you what that is.

Shower gel, nail polish, toothbrushes, make-up brush and 300 hair ties. In our bathrooms, we keep virtually everything. It also makes perfect sense – at least we think so. In many cases it is not. There are a few things you should NOT store in the bathroom on GAR. These are seven of them:

1st perfume

We know that will shock many of you now: you should never leave perfume in the bathroom. The reason: The humidity and the high temperatures make your favorite perfume lose its scent much faster or it even tips over. And we do not want that under any circumstances! Put your fragrances but rather on a sideboard in the bedroom or the bedside table. They are safe there – and look pretty too.

2. Make-up

If you belong to the category “Im-bathroom-finished-maker”, then you should immediately consider a new routine. Moisture and, above all, the heat make sure that liquid products such as foundations and concealers do not last as long. Both should best be stored in places protected from light and heat. The best in school closets or cabinets. Now you finally have an argument to get yourself a makeup room. Yay!

We should never-ever store these 7 things in the bathroom

3. Brush

Heat, high humidity and used brushes – the epitome of a herd of bacteria. If you have your make-up brushes neatly lined up on your bathroom shelf, you are creating the basis for pimples and inflammation. No thanks! You should clean your brushes regularly anyway (and we do not mean that every three months!), But with the wrong storage, that does not help anymore. Instead, set up a small dressing table in the bedroom and put the brush on it. This is definitely safer and more practical.

4. electrical appliances

Do you like listening to music while showering or watching your favorite series on the iPad in the bathtub? Sounds great, but in the long run is not a good idea! Moisture in the air can damage your equipment. Therefore, you should either use only devices that are made especially for the bathroom, or you bring mobile phone and Co. immediately back to another room when you’re done in the bathroom. Alternatively, you can also sing yourself, which is at least as much fun and also saves electricity. 💡

5. Razor

Okay, we admit: A razor actually belongs in the bathroom. But only if you dry it well after use. Otherwise the blades rust very fast and you have to change them constantly. That will be expensive … Nevertheless, heat and humidity will damage your razor anyway. You can delay that, but not prevent it.

We should never-ever store these 7 things in the bathroom

6. Nail polish

Your nail polish dries constantly? That could be because you keep him in the bathroom. It’s like a sauna. Water vapor and humidity ensure that the paint gets thicker and eventually dries up. It’s best to simply put your favorite colors in the fridge – they’ll stay liquid and last the longest.

7. Sunscreen

Heat and sunscreen are not compatible. Because the high temperatures can affect the effect. Humidity can promote mold growth. If you want to be on the safe side, keep your sunscreen in a separate drawer or a beach bag. That’s the best way to protect her. And do not forget: open sunscreen is a maximum of 12 to 24 months. After that, the protection no longer works.

We should never-ever store these 7 things in the bathroom

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