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You’re planning a hen party and need some more ideas? We have put together the most beautiful customs for you with all your comforts

Wedding Eve

The stag party is a more traditional version of the bachelor party. It is one of the oldest wedding customs and was originally celebrated the day before the wedding . Meanwhile the poulterer bend takes place a few days or weeks before the civil wedding (as well as the bachelor party ). Here the couple says goodbye to bachelor status together with friends.

Wedding Eve: organization is everything!

Especially when the wedding is celebrated in a small circle, can be raised at the  wedding eve big. Whether acquaintances, neighbors or colleagues – here are invited guests who do not come to the wedding, but with whom you want to celebrate anyway.

The wedding eve (but also the JGA) should not break the weddingbudget. However, how much to plan for depends on the number of guests, the location , the table decoration and Co. Make a wedding checklist – your groomsmen will be happy to help with the organization 😉. 

Wedding Eve

Popular wedding customs

Shards bring luck

The focus of the stag party is the practice of dispelling evil spirits by destroying porcelain . Then it says: rumble, what the stuff holds. Because the evil spirits abhor noise, we have to shatter old polterishes on the street. True to the motto “shards bring luck”.

But respect – everything is not allowed: glasses and mirrors must not be cut down – because that does not bode well! The shards of ceramics , porcelain and stoneware vessels are then swept together by the future couple. Sweeping symbolizes the future and challenges that the couple will master together.

Burn clothes

The burning of the trousers (or even underpants) of the future groom is also a popular custom. The burning symbolizes the end of the bachelor’s time. Sometimes the bra of the future bride is also burned. The ashes of the fire are then buried together with a bottle of schnapps. After a year, the couple, together with their friends, digs the whole thing to remember the wedding eve.

Pin down shoes

The bride’s shoes can be nailed to a wooden board that she can not get to, so she can not run away from it before the wedding. 

Serve chicken soup

The chicken soup  is a traditional dish for hen’s eve, because chickens stand for fertility . In the past, the bride and groom even got chickens for free. Today is a soup for starters. 

Games for the wedding eve

A bit of entertainment is not only good at the wedding , but also at bachelor parties . Therefore, you should absolutely start fun action. Whether a raffle, a quiz , an introductory game or even karaoke – the more entertaining the better.

Of course, you can also have a guest book on the wedding eve , in which your loved ones can feast. If the wedding planning is already in full swing, you can get inspired here by other game ideas: wedding games .  

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