Water Fasting How Healthy Is That For The Body?

Posted: October 28, 2018 by XPOFeed

Water fasting is regarded as the prototype of fasting and lets the pounds tumble down sharply in the near future – but how healthy is it to only ingest water for days?

How does water fasting work?

The principle of water fasting is simple: as the name implies, only water is drunk over a certain period – and at least three liters a day! A fasting cure should not last longer than five days, if you are a fasted person you can fast for up to two weeks. Very important: As with any fasting cure, it is important to talk to a doctor first and see if your physical condition allows you to fast.

The course of a water fasting cure

  • The water fasting is heralded with the so-called relief days. This means that for three days there are only foods on the menu that relieve the digestion: fruits, vegetables and rice.
  • The first day of fasting begins with a complete defecation – how it works is revealed in our 12-day fasting program.
  • At least three liters of water a day are consumed during the fast days – this can be still or tap water, preferably lukewarm . Should be avoided carbonated mineral water or medicinal water!
  • With the build-up days , the intestine is accustomed to solid food again. Breaking the fast is regarded as the most important part of a whole fasting cure: the intestine gets accustomed to food again and the cornerstone for a new diet or nutritional change can be laid.
  • As with any fasting cure, the accompanying program is very important: plenty of fresh air , relaxing sports such as yoga or Pilates  are ideal and help the body flush out pollutants and stimulate the metabolism.

Is it healthy to eat only water for days?

We do not suffer any physical damage from a fasting cure. Concomitant symptoms such as the absence of the rule, fatigue or headaches may occur, but are known and can be part of the ” detoxification crisis ” – on which (according to many reports) to follow a mental flight or proper energy boosts. For almost first fruits, cures such as the Bases fast or fasting can be easier, since not only water is drunk here.

Many experts claim that the intestines do any cleaning or cures like Purify needs. Scientifically, it has not been fully explored that it actually comes to so-called “slags” in the body and we are not able to flush out permanently all pollutants. However, let’s not forget that fasting has its origins in many religions, and above all it is the purification of our minds that is at the forefront – and that is at least as important as the intestine.

You are just beginning to engage in the topic of fasting? Then discover our tips for properly fasting !

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