Unable Relationship! You Should Not Fall In Love With This Zodiac Sign

Posted: November 23, 2018 by XPOFeed

Every Jack has his Jill. But if you are smart, you are wary of this star sign man. It could save you heartache and annoyance.

Which zodiac sign does your adorer have? He is not hopefully … Aquarius !? Because according to a survey of the online dating portal “Plenty of Fish” Aquarians are not at all well suited to lead a long, happy relationship. Why? In themselves, they are not bad guys. They take care of people who are bad, creative, individual … but also very rebellious and shy of ties. Keyword: unable to relate! Uff, that has to sink first.

There is hope!

Everyone who is attached to an Aquarius must be strong now. Or: whistle at the study and tame the trident . The best example that this can work is singer Robbie Williams . Formerly a daredevil, he has been married to actress Ayda Field for six years – and even has two children with her.

Robbie Williams and Ayda Field

Another glimmer of hope: Hollywood star Christian Bale , also Aquarius, has put his wife’s wedding ring on his finger for a whopping 16 (!) Years. He is still happy with his sweetheart, former model Sibi Blažić, and is the dad of two children. Well, if that does not encourage you!

Chritian Bale and Sibi Blasic

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