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TRUE LOVE ! We all want to find her, but hardly anyone knows how it works and what really matters. High time to clarify it.

  • He gives up his life for her  – TRUE LOVE ! 💜
  • She cares for him when he is sick, and puts her own needs back – TRUE LOVE ! ❤️
  • Although she can not fulfill his desire to have children, he stays with her without ever blaming her – TRUE LOVE ! 💛

We can all make cases of TRUE LOVE . Luckily! So at least we know that they really exist. But what good is that if we know nothing else about it? For example, how do we know if we have found TRUE LOVE? Or why it pays to look for it? Nothing (except that it may motivate us to find a partner). So: continue in the text!

What makes TRUE LOVE different from other love?

Basically, there are many types of love, for example:

  • charity
  • mother’s love
  • Platonic love
  • Love of God (or not … 😈)
  • self-love

Even though each of these loves is of course interesting and some are also true love – we usually understand something different under TRUE LOVE. By this we mean the feelings that we only feel for one person, this one single person who …

  • more important than any other people in the world
  • gives the feeling of being complete and perfect
  • would like to accompany you to the end of our lives

And thus we already have unique selling point of  LOVE: it is exclusive and connects exactly two people with each other (at least in most cases).


How does TRUE LOVE come about?

TRUE LOVE grows with time.  It arises from the connection of two people who harmonize very well on different levels .

Noticeable is this good-harmony with each other in everyday life, for example through …

  • physical desire, passion and good sex (attention:  orgasm problem scan still exist!)
  • mutual understanding – even without words
  • familiarity
  • can share everything with each other
  • Of course, and ease
  • effortless tolerance of the partner

Many love stories start with tingling in the stomach . Because why do you fall in love again mainly? Exactly: so that one does not overlook the right one!

But just as  LOVE can come from a friendship. Although this rarely happens without being in love , falling in love is not the beginning of the relationship , but usually marks the transition from the phase of friendship to that of love.

How do I recognize TRUE LOVE?

In contrast to infatuation (which we can hardly miss, thanks to the party that celebrates the hormones in our body, turning our emotions and emotions on the head), TRUE LOVE  is incredibly hard to recognize – and ultimately looks different in all of us.

Of course, one thing is the characteristics of harmony. There are also other typical signs of love, for example:

  • trust
  • nostalgia
  • jealousy
  • dedication
  • Loyalty instead of selfishness
  • No expectations and unconditional

Both can – as the outer expression of deep connected less – help to recognize love in the everyday life of our partnership (more information and other  signs of love can be found in our article of course).

True love: your most unique feature

But the clearest manifestation of true love is in crises and extreme situations: TRUE LOVE survives even the most severe blows of fate!

Things or events in which all other relationships break up weld couples who truly love each other even more together . And what else makes such a bond: It gives us courage and helps us to cope with any catastrophe.


Is there always only one TRUE LOVE in our life?

No! Every human being can truly and exclusively love several different people in their lives (ie partners) – just not at the same time.

We all change as long as we live. Of course, it can happen that two people, who are perfect for one another in one phase of life, do not harmonize with each other in the next or the next. When we diverge, it means that our relationship is at an end and we now have to go through the stages of separation . But it does not mean that what once connected us was not  LOVE .

Besides, unfortunately it can happen that our partner dies too early. Even then, we can again find someone for whom we feel true love – even if we may not believe that immediately after our hearts have been broken .

What is so special about TRUE LOVE?

We already mentioned a few peculiarities of LOVE. For example, we had found that love

  • everything survives
  • is exclusive and
  • gives us strength.

But the really magical and magical thing about true love is: It makes us happy . And deeply happy. And satisfied.


Admittedly, the typical human self-doubts, unsatisfied desires and needs, conflicts and strife – all of which we must always face, even if we are with a person who truly loves us and whom we love. But none of that can really hurt us then . Why? Because this human by our side has convinced us of something that gives us the greatest security and emotional calm we can feel as a human being. Something that makes us feel deeply in our hearts: that we are adorable. And irreplaceable . And that we have nothing to do or do for us to be as we are. And that’s why it’s always worth looking for TRUE LOVE. ”

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