Tree Yoga Exercise Best For Inner Peace

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You need rest and gentle movements to let go of everyday stress? Our balancing tree yoga exercises are the optimal program for you.

Tree Yoga is gentle exercise from Kundalini Yoga, a dynamic yoga form that combines movement and breath. They are executed under a tree. The concept was developed by the Hamburg Kundalini Yoga teacher Satya Singh Wester and his colleague and tree expert Fred Hageneder. Your idea: Each tree has a specific energy, to which specific yoga exercises fit. For our yoga set is best suited to the indestructible pine, a practice that gives energy and courage to make!

That’s what you need: At first, choose the “tree” under which you would like to do the yoga exercises. You do not necessarily have to stand exactly under it, you can also practice in sight of the tree. Good is a seat nearby – for the subsequent meditation. A thin extra fleece jacket keeps you warm, and with a clock or a cellphone with alarm, you’ll never forget the time. 

Good to know:Allow about 30 to 40 minutes for the Tree Yoga series. In total, there are six different exercises and a meditation. Always breathe in and out of the nose. From a yogic perspective, this is important for the energy exchange in the body. If you want to do the exercises with your eyes closed, focus on the point between your brows. This helps against dizziness and sharpens the perception. 

Warm-up:Go to your tree to warm up, the last 3 minutes quiet a bit faster. Arrived? Then do it with all your senses: look at or touch the tree, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Watch out for sounds and smells around you. Finally, imagine yourself hip hip. Describe large circles with stretched arms – circle forward 15 times and back 15 times, for a total of approx. 3 minutes.

Exercise 1 – for face and shoulders


Tree Yoga Exercise Best For Inner Peace


Relaxes the face and promotes

lymphatic flow, mobilizes and stimulates blood circulation in the shoulder area. Put your hands on your hips, with your fingertips pointing forward. Inhale, hold your breath and blow your cheeks, moving your shoulders up and down a few times. Then exhale again, relax cheeks and shoulders. And repeat the exercise. For 1 minute.

Exercise 2 – for the lungs


Tree Yoga Exercise Best For Inner Peace


Strengthens shoulders, upper arms and lungs. Especially when inhaling, the lungs are stretched and the chest is set wide

hip width, bringing the elbows in front of the upper body at shoulder height. With your forearms bent upright and your hands clenched into fists (the thumb is inside, the fingers surround it).


Tree Yoga Exercise Best For Inner Peace


Inhale and bring your elbows out in a fluid motion until the forearms are parallel to the floor. Exhale and bring your forearms to the starting position. Always keep the shoulder belt relaxed. Pull down the shoulder blades and to each other. For a total of 1 to 3 minutes.

Exercise 3 – for hips and legs


Tree Yoga Exercise Best For Inner Peace


Mobilizes and stretches the hip and leg tendons – and strengthens the fighting spirit

. Spread your feet slightly further than hip width. Angle your forearms parallel to the floor and let your hands hang loose. Circling with your hips. Circling forward when breathing in, exhaling backwards. Problems with the intervertebral discs? Then divide the circular motion into small individual movements. For 2 minutes.

Exercise 4 – for the circulation


Tree Yoga Exercise Best For Inner Peace


Stimulates the circulation, strengthens the lungs

The feet are hip-width. Bring your upper arms straight up over your head. The fingers to the so-called “Venus grip” firmly interlock – while the left thumb is above the right thumb, the right little finger is outside. Now tense the pelvic floor, inhale (the chest rises) and pull the arms up and back. While exhaling, bend your upper body and arms forward to the floor, moving as smoothly as possible. 4 minutes long.

Exercise 5 – for legs and back


Tree Yoga Exercise Best For Inner Peace


Loosens and loosens blockages in the legs and back

The mantra “Har” stands for the “Divine” and should stimulate reflex points in the palate, which in turn should provide for more energy and assertiveness. Stand shoulder width. Put your arms straight over your head, interlacing your fingers, this time turning your palms upwards. Now, without lifting your feet, shake your legs, slowly, then more and more intense. For 1 minute. Then gently shake the whole body for 2 minutes. If you want to, talk about it in the last minute, according to the mantra “Har”. Try to roll the R – with the tip of the tongue on the palate.

Exercise 6 – for concentration

Strengthens the Nervous System, Brings Clarity and Concentration The archer, the starting point for this exercise, should be the best posture to face and courageously pursue a goal. The syllables of the mantras “Sa Ta Na Ma”, which can accompany the four-part movement cycle, stand for the circle of life: birth, life, death and a new beginning.

The Archer: To do so, continue to stand as hip-width. Angle the right foot 45 degrees to the side and shift the weight to the front foot, the right leg is stretched, hips and legs are in line. Now lift your right arm forward, clench your fingers into a fist (thumb up) – as if you were holding a bow. Then also clench your left hand into a fist, bring it up and pull it to the shoulder – as if you were cocking the bowstring. The elbow is at shoulder height. The right knee bend slightly, the knee is above the heel.


Tree Yoga Exercise Best For Inner Peace


Now start the following four-part movement cycle: 6a Slightly bend the right knee (do not exceed the tip of the toe), sing loudly “Sa” or just think and with the upright upper body back and forth once. Return to the starting position. Repeat movement with the syllable “Ta”, come back to the starting position and continue with the syllables “Na” and “Ma” as well.


Tree Yoga Exercise Best For Inner Peace


6b Now bring your hands straight over your head and back and forth with each syllable of the mantra “Sa Ta Na Ma”, the upper body remains straight. To clap on each syllable once in the hands.


Tree Yoga Exercise Best For Inner Peace


6c Bring the stretched arms in front of the upper body, parallel to the floor. To the syllable “Sa” prevail, clap your hands, back weigh. The upper body remains straight. Continue with the next syllables as well.


Tree Yoga Exercise Best For Inner Peace


6d Match the hands behind the torso. Back and forth with each syllable of the mantra “Sa Ta Na Ma”, upper body remains straight. To clap on each syllable behind the upper body in the hands. 

Start again with part 6a. The movement cycle is repeated for 5 minutes. Then change the leg position and repeat the exercise for 5 minutes. Throughout the sequence, focus on one point, such as the jaw. After that you have arrived at the end of the yoga exercises. Before meditating, relax while standing or sitting. Listen to the sound of the wind, the crackling of the branches and the silence that surrounds everything. As long as you want – whether for 1 or 10 minutes.

Exercise 7 – Final meditation


Tree Yoga Exercise Best For Inner Peace


Clarify the Thoughts – Complete the Meditation

In a simple, upright posture, sit on a bench or on the floor. Bring the left forearm vertically in front of the chest (the hand is a few inches below the chin). Angle the left hand with the palm facing up and the fingers to the left. Now reach under your left with your right hand and cover the outer edge of the left. Breathe long and deep in the abdomen. Keep your eyes slightly open at all times. To keep the mind rolling a bit quiet, you can silently sing the mantra “Sa Ta Na Ma”. At least 3 minutes. In the end, sit still, close your eyes and just feel good.

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