To Fast Right You Have To Know That

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The ten most important answers for those who really want to fast: How often can I fast? What happens in my body? What should I put attention on?

What does “fast right” mean?

If you really want to fast, should in this context, the keyword diet quickly delete: Rather, the fasting is the internal cleaning in the foreground.

Around five percent of damaged body cells are broken down during a fasting cure, researchers found. Stored toxins are released from the cells and excreted by our “detoxification police”, liver, intestines, kidneys, lungs and skin. The intestine is once thoroughly cleaned and the digestive system wonderfully relieved .

1. How long and how often can I fast?

Fasting once a year for seven days (plus relief and build-up days) – that’s a good measure, especially for beginners . Those who feel powerful and good after a week of fasting can also hang on for a few more days. However, one should also take more time for the transition to the normal diet, a day of training is recommended per three days of fasting. If you want to fast more than once a year or longer than two weeks, you should not do so without medical advice and support.

2. Does it make sense to combine fasting with my everyday life?

Whether you want to fast while the everyday demands of your job and your family continue is a very individual decision . Fasting at home certainly has its advantages: it does not cost time or money, and it offers the opportunity to bring the new experiences and life habits into everyday life even afterward.

Those who drive away to fasting, however, have more opportunities to concentrate on themselves. Offers are available in the form of fasting seminars, fasting or fasting clinics. The health insurances cover the costs for such programs, however, only in a few exceptional cases.

3. Does fasting change my hormonal status? Does it affect my menstrual period?

Yes . The effects may be quite different in individual cases : some women get migraines , in some the rule is unscheduled or precipitates more. Some menopausal women report that fasting helps them against hot flashes.

Those who take the pill should continue taking it while fasting, without relying on this form of contraception.

4. Can I continue smoking while fasting?

In fasting clinics smoking is strictly prohibited. For good reason, after all, many fasting people are concerned about detoxification . If you can not stop completely, you should at least try to limit your cigarette consumption. Sugar-free chewing gum and relaxation exercises help. Maybe fasting is a good way to start smoking cessation?

5. Does fasting change my mental capacity?

Some fasting people report intellectual flights . But it can also happen that the concentration is heavier and thought processes run more slowly when the brain has less fast energy available. In contrast, carbohydrates help – are allowed a teaspoon of honey or a glass of juice.

Movement also ensures a better energy intake . If the “misty” feeling in your head becomes permanent, you should talk to the leader or a doctor.

6. How does fasting affect my sleep?

Many people come out with less sleep during this time, but others are just now wanting “more, more and more” sleep. Both are not sleep disorders, but normal reactions of the body to the changes in metabolism.

7. Can there be visual disturbances as well?

The drainage of the body during fasting also captures the anterior and posterior chamber of the eye. The altered refractive index of the eye can cause one to look temporarily indistinct, feel strained at reading and sensitive to light. This is harmless in itself, the eyesight comes back in the building phase .

But beware : night and twilight rides should be just as taboo during fasting as long highway rides. And talk to your family doctor if you are worried about worse vision.

8. Should I avoid having meals with colleagues, friends and family?

It depends: can you stand it when everyone is sitting at the table and enjoying their meal happily? This is even worse for many fasting people than preparing. Try it !

If you have small children who need to be persuaded to eat more often, think carefully about whether a fasting seminar in another location is feasible, since it is almost impossible to explain why you are now stopping to eat (and the kids not).

9. How do I quit the fasting program prematurely if I can not keep up?

This works best with light carbohydrate-containing meals , as they are intended for the first day of construction. Especially recommended: fruit, steamed best, or potatoes with cooked vegetables. (Only on flatulent cabbage you should do without.) In between a yogurt or a slice of crispbread.

10. Can I use alternative healing while fasting?

Whether homeopathy, traditional Chinese medicine or physiotherapy: As a rule, all alternative healing methods can also be used during a fasting cure . But you should not start treatments on your own during this time. This also applies to the self-medication of otherwise common drugs, such as headache tablets. Discuss any form of treatment while fasting with a doctor!

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