This Nail Polish Will Match Your Zodiac Sign

This Nail Polish Will Match Your Zodiac Sign

Posted: January 17, 2019 by XPOFeed

Each Zodiac sign has certain characteristics and preferences . The 12 Zodiac signs are subdivided into the four elements fire, water, air and earth. And just as different as their personalities, should also be their nail polish colors. We’ll tell you which nail polish best fits your zodiac sign.

Aries – fire sign

In your adventurous and spirited way,  the best sounds are like yellow .

Sagittarius – fire sign

The right color for the Sagittarius is orange . Orange stands for energy and freedom, which the shooter also reflects.

Leo- fire sign

Leo love to take center stage and enjoy being in the limelight. This is also reflected in her beauty routine. A beautiful juicy gold stands for power and pride, which brings the Leo.

Pisces- watermark

Purple  fits best with the dreaminess and loving nature of the Pisces. That’s why playful colors like purple go well with her.

Scorpio – watermark

Scorpios are very passionate and dynamic people. A beautiful red is the right color for the sign of the zodiac, because it underlines her passion again.

Cancer – Watermark

Cancer are sensitive and sensitive beings. Best suited to you are the most unobtrusive and light tones, like a beautiful Rose Nude .

Gemini – air sign

Gemini love action and variety and that can also be reflected on their nails. A juicy pink underlines her personality perfectly.

Libra – air sign

Harmony is very important to Libra. The color must be matched to her outfit. Nevertheless, colors are technically very brave. The color magenta  fits best to them.

Aquarius – air sign

Turquoise is the perfect color for the sociable and open nature of Aquarius and reflects its personality.

Taurus- earth sign

dark red suits the Taurus best and underlines its natural beauty very well.

Virgo – earth sign

Good demeanor is very important to the Virgo. She loves it, uncomplicated and loves to use classic colors. That’s why a brown  is perfect for you.

Capricorn – earth sign

Green tones are  best for the Capricorn. They underline his ambition and down-to-earthiness.



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