This Little Word Helps You Lose Weight

Posted: October 27, 2018 by XPOFeed

Especially when we want to lose weight, it is often twice as difficult for us to give up. A small word, according to a study, helps us to control ourselves.

Especially those who desperately want to lose a few kilos, usually stumbles in everyday life from one temptation to the next: In the bakery on the corner lure thick sandwiches, the colleague brings birthday cake with and in the evening, the partner would also like to order pizza. Without an iron will, then at most a few tears fall instead of the pounds, because one has given way again.

Small word – big help

But that does not have to be – British researchers are now offering us an easy way out of misery. According to their study , a little word helps to resist the biggest temptations: just say no!

Okay, that sounds almost too easy – but it really works. How the scientists found out? They divided 45 overweight people into three groups and gave them different tasks for eight weeks .

Group 1 participants completed a questionnaire on their eating behavior every four days. Group 2 was given the same instruction, but subjects should also say “no” to themselves on typical occasions when they were seduced into overeating. For example, if there was an “all you can eat” buffet in the restaurant and they thought about taking another look, even though they were already full. Group 3 also got these two tasks. In addition, the participants had to send a description or photo of the temptation they had said “no” to the researchers.

No, just no!

Although not all subjects held out – about 20 percent of the participants completed the study prematurely. But there is still good news: All three groups lost the number of times that the remaining study participants succumbed to temptation. In group 1 there were 4.2 fewer moments per week, in group 2 a proud 13.8 moments and in group 3 at least 9.0 moments. Thus, the no-sager from Group 2 had the greatest success.

Get lean – but really!

And what does that mean for us? Quite simply: next time we are at the cake buffet and think about whether the third piece of cheese cream cake really still has to be, it’s worth saying “no” for yourself. Even if people might look funny – we might be happy about the result afterwards!

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