This is the ultimate trick for your hair for blow dryers

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The cold stage on the hair dryer – almost no one uses it properly. Because the button has a function that hardly anyone knows. Now we are smarter and clarify: What really brings us the cold air function and why we should use them all necessarily.

So far we have not paid much attention to the cold stage on our hair dryer. Who has time to dry their hair dry with cold air for 100 years? At least we do not. What many do not even know: The cold stage is not just there to protect the hair. Behind her hides an unexpected function. We’ll tell you which one that is.

Hot air dries your hair out

The hot air is harmful to your hair. Due to the heat, they dry out, appear dull and roughened – we all know that. Nevertheless, you should not refrain from drying your hair hot or hot, because only this will allow them to be properly shaped. Means: With hot air is formed. And what about the cold air?

Blow dry: The ultimate trick for shiny hair!

After you’ve pampered your hair hot or warm, the cold air comes into play. This is finally there to close your hair structure again. The hair looks no longer dull, but have a much nicer look. Full of shine! But that’s not the only thing the cold air brings you: it also perfects your styling! Cold air keeps your hair in the desired shape.

As we in regular routine knows very well these awesome steps so we should follow it ,its best

  1. Wash your hair. There are as many ways to wash your hair as there are hair types. …
  2. Dry your hair using a towel. …
  3. Apply your heat protector and other hair products. …
  4. Use hair clips to separate your hair into manageable sections. …
  5. Pick a section of your hair to dry first. …
  6. Brush your loose hair.

Additional tip: The cold air always blown in the direction of growth. So you say to split ends, frizz and unhealthy hair never to see you again!

For a shiny and healthy head of hair so do not have to serve several beauty products. Sometimes a simple button is enough. Super easy to use and probably everyone has seen them anyway. Had we only known that …

This is the ultimate trick for your hair for blow dryers

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