This Is The Right New Year’s Resolution For Your Zodiac Sign

Posted: December 20, 2018 by XPOFeed

New Year’s Eve is here and there it is again, the question of the good intentions for the New Year. What should I do for 2019? Is there something I want to change? Do not worry, we have the answer to your questions. Your zodiac sign reveals so much about your bad habits that you should definitely put off in 2019 or things that you have neglected so far and should definitely tackle in the new year.


You’ll need more quality time for you and your family in 2019. Career and career were your number one priority in 2018, now it’s time to focus on other things as well. Your friends, your family and yourself have been quite neglected lately.



The Capricorn should look for a new hobby in the New Year and break out of its rigid structures. Out of sheer fear of failure and not to meet their own, perfectionist claims, this zodiac sign is always on the safe side. That’s about to change in 2019: Take the singing lessons that you always wanted to do, learn a new instrument, try a completely new sport or learn a new language – no matter if you’re good at it or not, the main thing is you at least tried.



You could hardly tear yourself away from Netflix last year. Your perfect resolution for 2019: read more. Just grab a good book, reading can be as much fun as watching shows. Who knows, maybe you’ll become the Binge Reading Queen in the new year.



2019 will finally be your year when it comes to cooking. Your New Year’s resolution: You say goodbye take-aways and ready meals to the annual change and finally want to try yourself at the stove.



Your intent for 2019: Going out more and socializing. Unfortunately, that’s something you neglected a bit in 2018. Scales are very fair and harmonious people, so they also assume that they are always liked by all. That they have to actively do something for friendships, they often seem to forget. That should change in the new year.



Mucking is your motto for the New Year. You should finally get rid of old ballast and clear your walls – thoroughly. Not only your wardrobe, but the rest of your apartment is almost over. Get free and go out.



Your New Year’s resolution: Finally dedicate yourself to your old hobby! Cancers are very emotional people and like to reminisce, to truly revive, but they never do. So in 2019 it’s time to bring the past back into the present and start your old hobby again – that’s what made you happy all the time.



Aquarian have a good heart. They should use this in 2019 to get involved socially and help other people, that makes this star sign really happy and gets the everyday life back on track.



You should travel more in 2019. Sagittarius are totally adventurous and love to discover new places. However, in 2018 this has come too short. High time to explore the world!



New Year’s resolution: Take a negative attribute. Scorpions are not really disciplined, but you can start small. How about thinking more positively, be more punctual, less distressed, or at the same time drop a big vice and stop smoking!



Pisces got well in 2018 and indulged in whatever they wanted. This is reflected in the account. In 2019, this zodiac sign should therefore be a bit shorter in terms of finances and bring order back into chaos – the perfect New Year’s resolution.



Your New Year’s resolution: Digital Detox. Without a smartphone, laptop and internet, nothing works for you, because you always have to know everything immediately. However, this misses much of what is happening around you and your friends are quickly neglected. You should best overcome your cell phone addiction and look less on your phone in 2019. Treat yourself to an Instagram and social media break in the new year and enjoy the real life around you – that’s guaranteed to do you good.


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