This Is The Perfect Destination For 2019, According To Your Zodiac Sign

Posted: December 21, 2018 by XPOFeed

You want to finally go on vacation in 2019, but you just do not know where to go? Just ask the stars . Your zodiac sign tells you where you’re going to go in 2019.


White beach and turquoise sea: You have to go to paradise in 2019, and the best way to get there is far away. For you it must be fancy and hot on holiday in the new year. Perfect for you: the Maldives or Thailand.


In 2019, the spirit of discovery grabs you. You want to get to know new cultures. Exactly why you should plan holidays in Spain or Italy and a lot of sightseeing.


In 2019 action is on the plan for you. You want to experience it as much as possible during your next vacation. Your perfect holiday destination: Backpacking in Australia or Safari in Africa. 



You want to break out of your comfort zone in the new year and try something completely new – far, far away from your usual environment. In 2019, a trip to Las Vegas is on the plan for you . If you prefer exotic, you should fly to Hawaii.



When it comes to holidays, you are totally uncomplicated and open to everything. It may be a bit of variety but quiet. The perfect mix of beach and adventure can be found in 2019 on a road trip through the USA.



You want your peace in 2019 on vacation. A lonely island would be perfect for you – away from tourists and bustle. Your ideal holiday destination: the expanses of Iceland or the impressive nature in Canada.



It’s time for you to finally relax. Wellness and relaxation are exactly what you need in 2019. Treat yourself to a really fancy wellness holiday in Switzerland or pure relaxation in a paradise-like country like Sri Lanka.



In the new year, you want to take it slow. Even on vacation you do not need much action in 2019. With a beach holiday in Ibiza or in Italy you are completely satisfied.



2019 are you going on holiday with your BFF. Of course you can not miss a party. The perfect party holiday location: Greece or Turkey.



Water is your element and you need it in your next vacation. Your next holiday destination: a diving holiday in Egypt or a chilled beach holiday in Mexico.



Luxury, luxury, luxury – that’s your motto 2019. In the new year, you have a real fat fancy holiday on the program. Treat yourself to a cruise through the Caribbean or a stylish holiday on the French Riviera.



Your holiday in 2019 will be special. It takes you to a place you have never been to. You want to discover something new and broaden your horizons. Your perfect destination: Japan or South Africa.



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