This Is The Perfect Dessert For You Based On Your Zodiac Signs

Posted: November 26, 2018 by XPOFeed

Can not you sometimes decide what to eat for dessert? Here we have the right treat for your zodiac sign.




Aquarius: Sweet potato chocolate cake

Aquarians are quite idiosyncratic, so no ordinary chocolate cake comes into question for them. The sweet potato gives the whole a very individual touch.


Pisces: Blackberry biscuit roll

Pisces are little romantics. A homemade biscuit dough and a filling of fresh berries and cream is therefore just the thing for them. Looks like a lot of love and can be wonderful for two.


Aries: Strawberry Tiramisu

For the passionate Aries only an equally passionate dessert comes into question: Tiramisu! It tastes best as a fruity summer dessert in the glass and with fresh strawberries.


Taurus: Panna cotta with cherries

Seductive, as the Taurus are, the classic Italian dessert fits like a fist on the eye. The dream of cooked cream is much easier to prepare than you think. Super delicious with fresh cherries and a delicious sauce of orange liqueur and cherry juice.


Twins: pancakes with maple syrup and fruit salad

For twins it has to be quick: perfect are pancakes with maple syrup. Fix and easy sapsucker


Cancer: Oat flammeri with berries

What the hell is an oat-flammeri? Since crabs like to be mysterious, they also like to eat mysterious things – or serve them to their friends. The classic English dessert is prepared from oat breakfast porridge and pepped up with fresh berries to your heart’s content.


Leo: Cherry roaster with pistachio and crunchy cream

As self-confident as the Leo is, he dares to get a fancier recipe. Unlike compote, no water is added to the roaster, the fruits stew (in the oven) in their own juice. The pistachio crunchy cream completes the dessert.


Virgo: Creme brulee

Creme brulee is THE dessert for Virgo. Because they are very perfectionist, even in the kitchen. To get a perfectly flamed cream – not only tasty, but also a great ego-push for her.


Libra: Espresso zabaglione with fruit salad

Scales are super creative. That’s why they like combining ingredients that you do not necessarily think right away. The espresso Zabaglione is without question a creative work of art, which is complemented by the fruit salad.


Scorpio: Nutella milkshake

When scorpions do not fit, they get pretty upset – and quickly develop revenge. Keep cool! The Nutella milkshake from Youtuberin Yasilicious is perfect for coming down.


Sagittarius: Cinnamon and coconut waffles

The honest shooters are best served with an honest dessert: the good old waffles. With cinnamon and coconut – just a dream!

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