This Is The Most Erotic Feature Of Your Zodiac Sign

Posted: November 23, 2018 by XPOFeed

Each Zodiac sign has a different, special erotic aura. We tell you what you can score with.


The Capricorn women work in the job rather cool and success-oriented. Even in love life, discretion is important to them and they are guaranteed not to live out their feelings in the marketplace. But once they catch fire, they are euphoric and like to try out unusual things. They know what they want and ask for it in bed. However, they never submit.



This zodiac sign is complex. Aquarius women fluctuate in the erotic between distance and touch, intense closeness scares them. If they do not feel emotionally interwoven, they are very open to experimental erotic types. That should know their counterpart and never try to bind them too strong.



At first glance, these women appear soft and understanding. They dream of great love and want to be deeply touched. But beware: In sex, they do not seek a man who delicately pretends – the lover is allowed to take over the direction and make the whole thing a bit more animistic. They can also be enthusiastic about Tantra.



Aries women are difficult to capture, because they are independent and combative. Also, love and sex do not necessarily belong together for them. A spontaneous spark strike they like in any case better than a loving act in the familiar bed. Another plus: With their strong, passionate nature they can trigger a confidence and a life affirmation that is exemplary.



Bull women are the personified femininity. Of course, with their sensuality, they attract many men. And they will not be disappointed. Bull women can seduce and need sex as a source of power. They are devouring, love as in intoxication and thereby bind their counterpart. But woe to him who does not stimulate her imagination!



Gemini women are especially fascinating because they are not necessarily looking for a life partner and are not very jealous. They like to try it out – and need more than the classic “partner games”. Love should not be complicated, but it should be imaginative and varied.



Cancer women look tender and affectionate, but that’s just a small part of their character. On the dark side of the moon, they are wild and devouring. With their will they can be devouring and sometimes make the other sexually dependent on themselves. Their mysterious depths make up their magnetism.



The most erotic feature of Leo women is clearly their self-confidence. And that is not secret, but very obvious. Men should know that and therefore get involved a bit more. But after the conquest dissolve with pleasure? No! The aesthetics claim of the Leo women applies also to the bed. If you still want more from her, you should admire her extensively and be absolutely loyal to her, because she does not share.



Virgo seem rational and self-controlled, but beneath the surface hide a wild and untamed emotional landscape. In sexuality, they want to do away with everything they professionally use as a vehicle for success: the composure, the cool head, the super-correct. Because deep in their soul, they long for intoxicating passion.



Appreciation is sometimes more important to Libra women than passion. They want to be admired and feel that as a confirmation of themselves. Erotic they feel well when their sweetheart is tender, pampering and romantic. Love should be celebrated playfully. Who goes right on the whole, falls into the category unimaginative and uncultivated.



The love power of scorpions is like an earthquake. But they need a counterpart whom they trust and who brings that to bloom, for Scorpio women are vulnerable and ailing. They can completely captivate and emotionally empower others. By erotic, they understand a space in which there is neither right nor wrong, but only pleasure.



The center of their lives can be occupied by Sagittarius women of no one. Eroticism is important to them, but as hunters and amazons they keep the book in their hands. You do not necessarily need the big love either. A hot-blooded affair or a high-erotic flirtation also have a great appeal for her.


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