This Is The Best Bedtime Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Posted: October 24, 2018 by XPOFeed

Let’s say your alarm clock rings at 7 o’clock. Should you go to bed punctually at 10 pm or do you also get 6 hours sleep? We’ll tell you!


Capricorns are very controlled people, so they need a regular bedtime. It must be 7 to 8 hours. If you have to get up as an ibex at 7 o’clock, you should be in the shaft at 11 o’clock.


Aquarian are full of energy, even if they get little sleep. So if you do not get to bed until after midnight – no problem! You will survive the day well anyway!


The Zodiac Pisces is an extremer late-sleeper. So the finches must go to bed before 10 pm if they have to leave early in the morning. Otherwise they are really inedible.



Lack of sleep? Barely knows the Aries. 5 to 6 hours of sleep are enough for him. As a Aries, do not stress too much to get to bed early in the evening. But listen to your body: when you are tired, then turn off the light!


A morning person is not the Taurus. But if he gets seven hours sleep, everything is fine. When the alarm rings at seven, midnight is perfect as a bedtime!


As you know, the twin has two sides. That’s why he gets along with little sleep – depending on his physical condition. So whether he goes to bed at 2 or 2 o’clock – everything fits!


The Cancer zodiac sign is known for its moods. That is why it is also important that it gets enough sleep. 23 o’clock should be the upper limit in everyday work!


If the Leo would go to bed at 9 pm, he would not be able to dance at all the parties in the world. So not in question! Something between midnight and 3 o’clock in the morning is okay. Minimum is 5 hours of sleep!


There is no zodiac that is more disciplined and orderly than the Virgo. She always goes to bed at a reasonable time. But she does not have to – because even with 4 to 5 hours, she gets along well.


Libra are very balanced people. That’s why they do not mind when it gets a bit late in the evening. However, they should not stay up longer than one if work is due the next day.


Scorpions live very intensely – that’s why they need a lot of energy a day. They can only do that if they go to bed by 22 o’clock at the latest.


Gunners are adventurous and full of energy. Still, it should not be less than six hours of sleep. If you stand up as a Sagittarius at seven, turn off the lights at 1 o’clock!


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