This Hair Color Fits Best With Your Zodiac Sign

This Hair Color Fits Best With Your Zodiac Sign

Posted: January 14, 2019 by XPOFeed

Fancy change? The Zodiac signs help you! Or rather the four elements. The signs of the zodiac are divided into the four elements fire, water, earth and air. Depending on the zodiac sign and the element, you roughly bring different traits with you. The combination of Zodiac sign and element will help you to find the right hair color. We tell you here therefore, which hair color fits best to your zodiac sign :

The fire elements


The Aries is one of the self-confident and uncomplicated people. A nice warm brown tone in the Balayage style fits perfectly to his strong personality!



The Leo is very attentive to his appearance and this is also reflected in his mane! A fiery brown harmonizes perfectly with its self-confident nature!


Sagittarius love to try something new and do not shy away from any fancy color. Try it with a blonde with silver shine.

The water elements


Soft and warm blond tones harmonize with his loving and gentle style. True to the motto: less is more!



What color would suit the determined and powerful scorpion better than a beautiful powerful red?



The perfect hair color for the Pisces is a delicate rosebud. It reflects your playful and dreamy side very well.


The earth elements


To the down-to-earth and uncomplicated Taurus fits a uniform color very well. That’s why we recommend a nut brown.


For the perfectionist virgo we recommend a light brown.


Capricorn loves it simple and easy. Nevertheless, the hairdresser and hair color of the ibex are well thought out. Which color could fit better than the Allrounder Black?

The air elements


The Gemini loves to try new things. A cool gray-purple underlines the versatility of the twin perfectly.


Libra has a strong sense of fashion and trends. The trend hair color gray-blond underlines their style awareness best!


Just like the open-minded nature of Aquarius, its hair color shines as well! We recommend a radiant blond with a light gradient.



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