These Zodiacs Have The Pants On In The Relationship

Posted: December 21, 2018 by XPOFeed

Who in your relationship is in charge , your friend or you? If you ‘re one of those three zodiac signs , you’re almost certainly in the pants and let’s not say anything to you:


When it comes to joint activities or the right restaurant, it is better to leave the decision to Aries. As resilient as he is, if something suits him, he is taken in very quickly and the common day is ruined.


The Taurus attaches great importance to harmony and consistency in his relationship. But you can also be very idiosyncratic and stubborn. Rejection is futile. If the bull wants a blue couch, she will soon be in the living room and if he wants to go to Italy, it will happen.



The instructive nature of this Zodiac sign often leads to them being very dominant in a partnership. It’s done exactly as the shooter says. Lying down with him, it can quickly come to dispute.


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