These Zodiac Signs Want An Open Relationship

These Zodiac Signs Want An Open Relationship

Posted: January 17, 2019 by XPOFeed

Monogamous or rather an open relationship? What makes us happy? For some, the idea of ​​spending the rest of your life with the same partner is somehow frighteningly final. If you are the type of open relationship, your zodiac sign can tell you:


Sagittarius do not take it with the faithfulness so exactly. They love their freedom and independence just about anything and are not really ready to give it up. That is why they find happiness especially in open relationships.


Aquarius is not necessarily meant for monogamy. No sooner did he get involved in a relationship than he realizes that it is not the truth and takes off. The zodiac rarely takes account of the feelings of others. Aquarians are reluctant to prescribe to only one person and therefore feel most comfortable in open relationships.


Gemini are difficult to define by nature. Make a decision, think about it shortly after, if it was the right one. To enter into a longtime and monogamous relationship is therefore very difficult for this zodiac sign. Are there so many other people to be happy with?



These Zodiac Signs Want An Open Relationship

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