He who loves is vulnerable. And while some people always maintain a certain distance, others give away their hearts much faster and immediately embark on a relationship. On the one hand, this is super nice – on the other hand, of course, it also carries the risk of being hurt.

1. Cancer

Although Cancer may be reticent at first, if they feel it fits, then they will immediately be fully committed to the other person. They would then do EVERYTHING for their partner. This often restricts their counterparts and causes them to distance themselves – which cancers can not understand at all.


2. Pisces

Pisces tend to swallow their worries and dissatisfaction rather than speak to them. Unfortunately, in a relationship they unfortunately often slip into the victim role, because they always prefer to back up, rather than enforce their own will. In a relationship they would rather do everything for the other than to take care of their own needs – and therefore often end up with a broken heart.

3. Sagittarius

When Sagittarius have chosen a person, they fully engage in a relationship and surrender with all their senses. In the process, they completely block out reason, because they prefer to live in the here and now – which in turn makes them vulnerable.

These Zodiac Signs Love Too Much And Are Therefore Often Injured