These Zodiac Signs Have Unrealistic Expectations Of Love

These Zodiac Signs Have Unrealistic Expectations Of Love

Posted: December 31, 2018 by XPOFeed

Pure romantics have a hard time with love. Not only because their expectations are never met, they just do not learn anything. These three Zodiac signs have very unrealistic expectations of love: 


The Virgo has her perfect idea of ​​her dream partner in her head, from which she can not be dissuaded. If you want to conquer your heart, you have to embody all your wishful thinking. Therefore, she finds it very difficult to find a partner.


Libra love that puts even the most cheesy comedy in the shade? That is exactly what the scale wants. She is probably the most romantic zodiac sign ever. There are no disappointments in her own dream world. A little more realism would do her good.


Already after the first date this zodiac sign is convinced to have found the right one. If they are confident in their choice, the shooters go all out and are already planning their honeymoon together. This can quickly drive their counterparts into flight.


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