These Zodiac Signs Have Real Disaster Relationships

Posted: October 24, 2018 by XPOFeed

These Zodiac Signs Have Real Disaster Relationships

With you, it’s virtually non-stop haywire? Then maybe it could be because you astrologically do not fit together.

Even those who are not so convinced of astrology must admit that people of a zodiac sign are already similar in certain peculiarities, behaviors or attitudes. And it is crystal clear that certain constellations do not work at all – and in everyday life, instead of passion, one often cooks with anger.

XpoFeed astrologer Bella Warren has examined all the Zodiac Signs. These three do not get away well:


Virgo Woman & Leo Man

Bella Warren: Spontaneous, real attraction can hardly be mentioned here. The two are really different. The fish-woman, who propagates more being instead of appearance and the self-confident, the self-esteem perfect staging lion, that does not work without relationship stress If, however, the fish-woman their ascendant or Mars in Leo, has the relationship dynamics quite different. Then a wonderful affinity will bring together and hold, complementing each other, admiration, fascination make life a feast.

Cancer Woman & Sagittarius Man

Bella Warren: The enthusiasm for each other is certainly limited. Differences are inevitable in so many different ways of looking at life. The cancer woman is one of the introverted beings, is more interested in inner worlds and psychological structures than in the outer glow. The Sagittarius man’s strong self-confidence, his enthusiasm, his unshakable belief in his own magic, can stress and confuse the Cancer woman, So they will need a lot of love, patience, understanding, unless the cancer has her moon or Mars in Sagittarius. Or he his ascendant in cancer. Then the love life sparkles like stardust.

These Zodiac Signs Have Real Disaster Relationships

Scorpio Woman and Aries Man

Bella Warren: Two extremely combative natures, who are unlikely to coexist without harder bandages. But difficult does not mean impossible. Because the thrill that is promised here, of course, also has a high appeal. But: The highly emotional Scorpio woman usually sees in love other content and a mystical dimension, which often seems rather threatening to Aries men.

There is always hope

Apart from the Ascendants, who can still save you, the question is always: How do you deal with the differences? Are you ready to work on the relationship? Then these are good conditions, that it still works.

You are not among the “disaster pairs”?
Then maybe you still want to know how well you fit together. A look into our partner horoscope is enough.


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