These Zodiac Signs Have No Humor

These Zodiac Signs Have No Humor

Posted: December 25, 2018 by XPOFeed

While some zodiac signs always have the laughs of their fellow humans on their side and are very humorous, there are also those who understand absolutely no fun and are not really the funniest. Above all, these three Zodiac signs are not necessarily blessed with humor.


You’ll almost never hear a loud laugh from a scorpion. They are among the complicated zodiac signs that think a lot and reveal little to the outside. It may be good that they find something funny, but they do not necessarily show that. But scorpions are a lot of fun.


Even the Cancer is one of the humorless zodiac signs. He is known for being caring and always caring for his fellow man. Cancer is more important in life than just having fun. There’s just no time for jokes.


Although shooters themselves think that they are extremely funny and want to be the center of attention with their jokes. In truth they are not. They try to enjoy their fellow man convulsively, but reap rather pity laughter than real recognition.



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