These Zodiac Signs Do Not Stand Up To Criticism

These Zodiac Signs Do Not Stand Up To Criticism

Posted: December 24, 2018 by XPOFeed

There are people who simply can not handle criticism. They take everything personally and feel immediately attacked with every little thing. A big role is played by the zodiac sign. Especially with these 5 signs of the zodiac critique simply does not matter.


Virgo are among the perfectionist zodiac signs that believe they know everything better. That’s why virgins do not tolerate criticism. Especially not when the person who makes the criticism has no idea what they are doing in their eyes. They just do not like to be told what they could do better, because right from the start, they expect to get it right.


For shooters, that’s the critique. On the one hand, they know that they are not perfect and they are also their mistakes. But as soon as someone else draws attention to small blemishes or expresses criticism, things will look different again. They can be quite sensitive. Criticism works in them for a long time and they can not handle it.


The cancer can actually live with criticism – but only if he can understand it himself. Once this star sign is confronted with unjustified feedback, it throws it but completely off track. Especially when the criticism comes from friends or family. That can gnaw on cancer for a long time.


Pisces are very sensitive people. To criticize them is therefore a very delicate matter. Once they get criticism in the wrong neck, it can have a big impact on their self-esteem.


Even scales are among the zodiac signs that do not tolerate criticism very well. As soon as they perceive even the hint of a negative utterance, they lie across. They do not even try to estimate if they could use the criticism. Instead, they are totally offended and unaware of any guilt.


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