These Zodiac Signs Are Kissed On New Year’s Eve

Posted: December 21, 2018 by XPOFeed

Could 2019 start more beautiful than with a kiss? If you were not really lucky in love last year , it could change on New Year’s Eve. According to the stars, chances for a passionate New Year’s flirtation including kiss are especially high for these zodiac signs :


Scorpio women will be staring at New Year’s Eve party. Through their seductive nature, they enchant their environment within seconds and can be prepared for a hot kiss at midnight.



At the end of the year, the planets are especially good for the cancer. They make sure that he is simply irresistible and particularly appealing to others. A hot flirt is programmed and who knows, if maybe not even more?



For Aquarius are on New Year’s Eve all signs of love. Due to the favorable position of Venus, they are especially sociable and charming tonight. Many people will therefore be attracted to this zodiac sign. A kiss at midnight is therefore not unlikely.


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