These Trendy Beauty Tips Guides You Well In 2019

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Here These Trendy Beauty Tips Guides You Well In 2019

Naturalness is not achieved by doing without make-up. The trick is in the right color choice. 


Nice in style

“Naturalness” – this is the magic word when it comes to styling with class. How to make beautiful and pretty, of course, without appearing thickened. Beauty tips that you should definitely try.

Totally artificial. Unnatural.Each of us shoots the image of a certain woman in the head at these words. A woman we once saw at a party. Or the other day in the plane. Or just at the office coffee machine. And, as so often happens, we think of the sight of overly styled genitals: “Too bad, with less on your face, you’d be prettier.

Because of course, to look beautiful , has nothing to do with completely refrain from make-up, hair styling or nail polish. It’s more about using the right dose of smoicer . How that looks, we reveal here.


Do’s & Dont’s for a naturally beautiful look

If you want to come across, for example, on the job, you should remember the following rule: Anything that would please Barbie has no place in your make-up bag. Rouge in pink? Away with it. Nail polish in pink? Nope. Lipstick in pink? Neither. Black kohl? No chance. Eye shadow in a beautiful blue? Please do not. In another colour? Under no circumstance. Dear with glitter? For heaven’s sake – no. If you want to look beautiful , pink shades should be replaced by earthy shades and glittering shades and should refrain from gaudy or very dark shades.


Of course make-up: You should pay attention to this

In detail, this means for your make-up that you should first apply a tinted day cream or a bb cream on the face. For a fresher complexion , a brownish rouge or a bronzer is recommended – this will make you look like the sun kissed. If you are basically too pale and therefore tend to fall into the pink rouge pot, we recommend facial self-tanner. Do without dramatic eye make-up – vigorously showered lashes in black (even more natural: brown!) Are completely sufficient. On the lips should either a transparent gloss or a care stick – or a lipstick in a delicate shade of brown (= Nude). Finished.

Yes finished! You do not really need more for a natural look. Is that too little for you? You can not live without kohl? Well, replace the black kohl with brown ones – and your eyeliner looks more natural.


This is how a natural look works

For a naturally beautiful overall impression, you should also with the styling of your hair and hands, and even with the choice of your perfume, also withhold. The hair should be the best open, but at least slightly messy look . The less strict your hairdo comes across, the better. The same applies to the paint on your fingernails or to your make-up: Access discreet earth tones instead of brightly colored. Incidentally, matt white paint looks very trendy, yet subtle – preferably on rather short fingernails.

Since naturalness also works through the nose, your perfume should not enter the room in front of you – but hold back. Light variations of your favorite fragrance are ideal here.

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