These Best 2019 Causes and Care Tips For Oily Skin

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Fat production of the skin

Oily skin (also known as oily skin and oily skin) is the most difficult to treat of all skin types. Although the causes are often genetic, they can be well influenced.

Fat production is self-draining as a result of sebaceous gland activity. This natural fat production keeps the skin moist and supple. But in some people , the sebaceous glands produce too much fat, resulting in shiny skin and enlarging the pores .

In addition, bacteria often cause inflammation, which often shows as pimples. Therefore, it is important to cleanse the skin regularly to prevent clogging of the pores.

As a small consolation wrinkles form more slowly than in people with dry skin. The skin also reacts more robustly to external stimuli. Nevertheless, oily skin needs proper care.

Do I have oily skin?

Extremely oily skin is immediately recognizable by its strong shine . However, more people suffer from oily skin.
So, most teenagers have oily skin because that’s the stage of their life when hormone production is in full swing. If you have overcome your teenage years, there are other ways to determine if you have fat skin.
Begin your search for shine on the skin in front of the mirror, especially for the area of ​​the forehead, the nose area and the chin area.

If you do not see the shine during the day, check this area first in the morning after getting up. When you spot a shine, it means a lot that you have oily skin or are prone to oily skin . Note also your hair, if these are also greasy this is also an indication for a greasy skin type.
Other hints for oily skin: The make-up wears off quickly or even frequent dabbing the face with a tissue or powder.

Skin blemishes on oily skin

Even skin blemishes can be signs of greasy skin , although other factors can trigger blemishes. And do not forget: oily skin is not just on the face. The back, neck, chest, shoulders, arms, and especially the scalp, can all be affected by oily skin.

Women who have switched to contraceptive pills often report improvements. An occasional visit to a beautician is often helpful. But how can you best treat oily skin yourself?


Causes of oily skin

Genetic predispositions are often referred to as cause. From research we know, however, that  hormonal fluctuations are also reasons for an oily complexion, as well as various medications , stress and heat .
Relaxing activities can therefore bring about measurable success in the fight for a healthy skin.
Oily skin due to hormonal changes occurs mainly during pregnancy, after delivery, but also after stopping the pill. Even during puberty, an increased tendency to oily skin is observed.

The treatment of oily skin

If you have greasy skin, you may think that it is best to stop the production of glossy moisture. Do not do it! Although they cause trouble for your complexion, the fats produced by the sebaceous glands are important because they act as a natural skin moisturizer. At the same time, oily skin is sometimes very sensitive. Instead of completely fighting sebum production, you should keep it under control.

Another reason for not using moisturizing soaps (care products) is that it can cause the sebaceous glands to increase their fat production. They will instinctively want to replenish the lost fats, which can lead to even bigger problems.

They should keep fat skin cleanso that the pore openings remain clean. Otherwise, dead cells, dirt and other bacteria will clog pores and cause blemishes (such as pimples). Ideally, cleanse the skin in the morning and in the evening . Use gentle skin cleansers, a washcloth and no hot water (the water should be moderately warm). The skin should then be gently dabbed using a fluffy towel. This removes quite a bit of sebum.

As a tonic for oily skin, a care product based on alcohol is allowed. However, the remedy to clear the skin should be immediately swapped for a milder if one notices skin irritation.

The make-up should be applied only after complete facial cleansing. One should choose an oil-free product that is capable of binding the sebum that occurs. In addition, offers a mattifying powder.

It is also advisable to use weekly peelings for clean pores. It takes to mild variants. The cleansing effect and the improved circulation provide for an improved skin appearance.

Likewise, you can treat yourself weekly a clarifying mask to rid the skin of sebum in this way.

Skin care for oily skin

Be sure to use a skin care product that is designed for oily skin. It goes without saying that : Fat skin should not be cared for with greasy creams, but with special products for your skin type .

Products for oily skin often contain substances that reduce the shine of the skin and  limit sebum production .

Some toiletries have been created for special age groups . This is based on the different needs of the skin. Younger people often want a skincare that also eliminates pimples while older people prefer supplements to the signs of aging.

The skin of women and men also has different characteristics, which are covered with a special product. The ingredients are usually quite similar.

It may be used for skin care creams with a lot of moisture , as far as they are oil-free and thus do without fats. Ideally, they are skin-soothing, antibacterial and contain no alcohol. The high-percentage can irritate the skin even more and thereby promote blemishes.

Exception: If you have extremely oily skin , you can use cosmetics with alcohol from time to time. Even if you have the feeling that the shiny skin can not be dry, especially in winter, it is important to support the skin with mild skin care products.

Products for oily ladies skin

After explaining the care for oily skin, we now want to introduce some products that you should absolutely try out with oily skin.

Washing the oily skin in the morning and in the evening

With warm water, a washcloth and a mild wash gel. We recommend the Effaclar Purifying Foaming Gel from La Roche-Possay . It foams up a hazelnut-sized amount of the gel, cleans the face and if necessary more body parts. The gel should act for one minute.

Day care for oily skin

From Avene, the segregating emulsion Cleanance K has proven itself . It is a gel cream which moisturizes and at the same time mattifies the skin. The product is very productive.

Make-up for oily skin

The ideal make-up for oily skin comes from Maybelline Jade in the form of the Mati-Teint make-up . It provides a long-lasting matte effect, whereby the sebum is absorbed by pigments throughout the day, yet moisture is donated.

Peeling for oily skin

For the weekly exfoliation (if it feels good, it can also be twice a week) we recommend another product from Avene, namely the mild cleansing scrub .

Products for oily men’s skin

In principle, the wash gel from La Roche-Possay is also suitable for men. However, just in the morning, the L’Oreal product Hydra Energy Xtreme Cleansing Gel with its composition, especially with the fragrance is superior. The presented exfoliation of Avene should also apply to men weekly.

Buy cheap products for oily skin

Over the Internet you can conveniently benefit from the low prices of the presented skin care products. All items are fast and secure with Amazon at reasonable prices and free shipping (from 29 euros).

Be sure to try the Matt Skin Refresh Gel for oily skin by men-u. It moisturizes and at the same time removes fat from the skin. The gel is refreshing and nourishes the skin in a gentle way. From this series, there is also a recommended facial cleanser based on tea tree oil with consistently good ratings.

Why the right care for oily skin is so important

Oily skin always needs good and tailored care. If this is not done, it can lead to various negative effects on the skin. These negative consequences are largely due to the excessive production of sebum that characterizes and exacerbates oily skin.

The best known effect of bad skin care is the development of pimples and come dones. Here, the excess sebum clogs the pores – together with horn particles, which have detached themselves from the skin The sebum can no longer flow out of the blocked pore. The constipation becomes visible as a blackhead. If it comes in addition to an inflammation of the clogged pore, a pimple is created.

Another consequence of poorly maintained greasy skin is the so-called ” seborrhoeic eczema “. This occurs when fungi find a breeding ground in over-produced sebum. The result is skin inflammation with red spots, itching and crusting. A good skin care can act preventively here. When adjusted to the needs of oily skin, it gently removes excess sebum without further stimulating sebum production.

Oily skin can also develop into acne . With a greasy skin, the natural pH may change, making the skin more sensitive. The skin’s protective barrier is weakened, making it more susceptible to pathogens. The large area clogged pores of the oily skin can be colonized by bacteria. This can cause the acne. This is characterized by the fact that the skin is covered with blackheads and pimples. It itches and the scratching it causes increases its sensitivity even further. If the acne has already developed, the oily skin must be taken care of so that it can heal again.

Prevention of oily skin

Unfortunately, prevention can not do much because genetics play a significant role. One can only follow the advice on skin care for oily skin and the tips for the treatment of oily skin to mitigate the risk . As soon as the oily skin appears, it is then, if possible, most things implement.

Oily skin is a problem that can be solved

With the solutions mentioned, the problem of oily skin can usually be resolved quickly . With hormonal causes, patience is often required, but also here, care products often help well.

It is important to always make sure not to use any fatty cosmetics with increased sebum production.

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