These are the best tips for a fresh brightest complexion

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When we look at the temperatures it is still cold and wintry – and our complexion is pale and pale. We’ll change that fast now. With these tricks we miss our skin spring freshness!

Tired skin? First of all, Peel-en!

Gray haze in the face? Old, dry skin cells that settle on the skin, the complexion quickly pale look. Therefore, now is peeling time. The product should be tailored to the skin type, a mechanical peel with minuscule abrasive grains from fruit cores, bamboo granules or sugar molecules is the gentlest method that is tolerated by most skin types. Irritated and impure skin should be better cleaned with enzyme scrub, thereby old cornification be solved by the activity of different enzymes. The skin is not as irritated as with mechanical peels. An alternative is the cleaning brush. There are now even with essays for sensitive people, so the skin is not unnecessarily stressed.

These are the best tips for a fresh brightest complexion


Change care

Now it’s time to switch from winter to summer care . More moisture, less fat is the name of the new care cream. If possible with integrated sunscreen. Before applying the Glow, the skin needs to be well taken care of, otherwise the foundation will not fuse well with the skin.


Maintain good lips!

In the winter, our lips are unfortunately quite dry, so you should now maintain them well, because the first rays of the sun enlighten skin flakes and -fetcher. The best way to make a lip scrub and then cream well. So perfectly prepared, you can also apply bright colors and dull lipsticks.

The famous Glow

They make us shine: glossy fluids and powder. It contains the finest pigments, which are sheathed in golden or silvery-rose and lay like a veil on the skin to reflect incident light and to radiate the complexion. By means of this mirroring effect, the luster pigments also look like redness and pigment spots visually, so that the skin looks even – what the other person then perceives as “young”. Attention: When applying in the bathroom light caution, we do not want to be confused in daylight with a sparks. Who does not like a foundation: There is also day cream with light-reflecting particles.

These are the best tips for a fresh brightest complexion

Make-up with Bronzing Powder

He gets us tan in a minute. This is how it works: Wear the bronzer where the sun tans first: nose, cheeks, forehead and chin. It’s easier with a thick powder brush than with a sponge. Unsure which bronzer sound you are? As a rule of thumb: prefer golden brown instead of reddish brown, rather less than more. If the brush brushes off the back of the hand, the amount of powder can be better dosed. For dry skin, use a bronzing fluid to prevent the powder particles from drying out the skin. If the skin is light, you can use a peach-colored rouge instead of bronzer – that looks pretty natural. Rouge in Pink then provides the freshness: smile and apply to the highest point of the cheeks.

On the body, you have to blind the bronzer transitions well, otherwise it quickly seems fake. For cleavage and shoulders a slightly flattened brush is ideal, with which the color is rubbed in a circular motion.

Apply blush – that makes tired skin look fresh!

Who wants to leave the complexion refreshing walk, reaches for the big brush. Rouge makes us appear alive with two or three brushstrokes. Depending on the complexion and hair color you can choose a fresh peach or rose tone, everything that goes in the reddish direction is “too much” for the day. Here we tell you how to apply rouge .

Contours emphasize strobing

Shimmering pigments highlight individual parts of the face. The effect: A face like soft – a fresh complexion, visually refined features … almost a bit like overexposed photos that have such amazingly beautiful skin. The white-pink shimmer cream is placed on forehead, nose, chin and / or cheekbones. To spread a touch of texture directly on the skin or over the foundation with your fingers. In contrast to ” Contouring “, the contouring of the face with the help of a bronze, the Highlighting variant focuses exclusively on highlighting the desired parts. Additionally applied under the eyebrows, for example, the eyes are visually lifted, As long as you do not use too much shimmer and are always beautiful, you can not go wrong with Strobing.

These are the best tips for a fresh brightest complexion

Tired skin ruck summer fresh cream

Holiday tan pretend with self-tanner : He conjures us in a few hours a pretty complexion. Be sure to exfoliate the skin first , otherwise there will be ugly spots. And be careful to choose a face product as the body’s self-tanner contains more fats and perfume.

Beam eyes thanks to mother of pearl shimmer

He stands for every woman: mother of pearl eye shadow. It can also give us an apparent freshness if we apply it to the inner corner of the eye or just below the eyebrows. These little highlights make us look wiser.

White kohl

Tired eyes are often reddened, including the waterline on the lower lash line. In contrast, a white kohl is a great help. He also makes his eyes look bigger. This is how you put it on: Carefully follow the lower inner edge of the eyelid with the kohl pencil.

These are the best tips for a fresh brightest complexion

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