These 5 Star Signs Fall In Love Quickly And Get Hurt

Posted: December 21, 2018 by XPOFeed

From one relationship to the next and every time “this is finally the right thing” – until the relationship ends suddenly in the drama. A pattern that repeats itself again and again, especially with these five star signs. They just fall in love too fast and give away their hearts spontaneously without thinking. Somehow a nice property, but not if you are disappointed again and again. 


The Libra is one of the faithful Zodiac signs. They are very in need of harmony and always start from the good in the human being. As soon as they feel well in a relationship, they automatically assume that the partner is doing the same. Warning signals are quickly overlooked, so a separation throws them completely out of the concept.



They are among the romantics under the signs of the zodiac and give themselves totally to a person they like from the beginning. The idea that things could go wrong does not even work out. That’s why they get hurt again and again.



Pisces are naive and trust others quickly – often too fast. They forget to protect themselves from disappointment and are often hurt by relationships.



Gemini tend to rush into a relationship too quickly – and then it’s all about the partner. That this exuberant way could be too much for the other, does not consider this zodiac sign absolutely. One reason why many relationships of the twin always fail.



Sagittarius are extremely passionate people. They often rush from one relationship to the next. One reason is that this star sign can not be alone for long. Feel only a touch of feelings, they make nails with heads. Disappointment is inevitable as soon as they realize that the partner may feel different.



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