These 5 fitness mistakes you should make AFTER the sport in any case!

These 5 Fitness Mistakes You Should Make After The Sport In Any Case!

Posted: November 1, 2018 by XPOFeed

Do I have to shower immediately after the sport? And what should this stretching always be? We clean up with the most common Fitness mistakes.

You do sport like crazy, but the big success is still waiting for you? It does not necessarily have to be on your workout. Maybe because of what you do afterwards. There are small but fine traps in which almost all of us have already gotten lost, but unfortunately they do us neither good nor help us reach our Fitness sporting goals. 

Mistake #1: You can not do the cool down

You have totally exhausted the Fitness sport and just want to go home quickly – how bad can it be to skip stretching? Unfortunately, very bad, because the cool down is important to lower your heart rate and prevent injuries (and annoying sore muscles!). And you do not have to overdo it. Even slight stretching exercises are sufficient to loosen up the body and not to regret the next day. 

Mistake #2: You do without showers

We understand that: The home shower is much nicer than the gym. But keep in mind that the sweat on your skin causes bacteria to form faster. This in turn favors skin irritation and pimples. For that you go after the sport in the sauna? Again, we have to make a dash through the bill. After an intensive workout, your immune system is temporarily weakened. The irritation of the body by the heat in the sauna, according to experts, therefore increase the risk of infection. So how about sports after a relaxed shower, a few hours of rest and then a visit to the sauna? 

Mistake #3: You bet on a high-fat meal 

We should reward ourselves more often – no question! Filling your stomach with pizza, burgers and sweets after a workout is the wrong way to go. Incidentally, this also includes calorie-containing sports drinks, where previously always pay attention to the nutritional value table. Or you can just jump directly to water or apple spritzer – with that you’re guaranteed that you will not go wrong. Would not it be a pity if your entire calorie balance is destroyed immediately, right? 

Mistake #4: You eat too little

You should avoid high-fat food, but that does not mean that you are not allowed to eat after exercise. But on the contrary! After your body has spent so much, it takes energy to replenish glycogen stores, preferably in the form of protein and fast-acting carbohydrates. 15 minutes to one hour after the workout is the ideal time frame for that. Those who spend more than two hours with the meal risk under supplying their muscles. 

Mistake #5: You do not give yourself rest

It’s nice to push your weights full of energy and make the treadmill glow – but go down too! A day of sport, a day off is ideal. And if that’s not enough for you, at least make sure that you do not train the same thing several times in a row. Your muscles need time to regenerate and grow. Speaking of regeneration: Healthy sleep after a workout is the be-all and end-all. Optimal are seven to eight hours per night. Your body will thank you and your mind will.

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