These 4 Zodiac Signs Do Not Get Rid Of Their Ex

These 4 Zodiac Signs Do Not Get Rid Of Their Ex

Posted: December 24, 2018 by XPOFeed

Back to the Ex? For many, that’s out of the question! But there are some, for whom a relationship with an ex-partner is not necessarily reprehensible. Often this is due to a person in need of harmony or because it is difficult to cope with change. These 4 zodiac signs are quite likely to reunite with their exiles:


Virgo are actually known for being rather cool and distant. But if they fall in love, they give themselves completely to the relationship. And just because it takes virgins so long to get involved in someone new, the chance to go back to the ex, especially large. They do not have to reopen that way.


Scales are extremely loyal in relationships. For them, the feeling of security is very important. Even so important that one’s own feelings are often hindered just to avoid being alone and to prevent separation from the partner. Scales are difficult to handle with changes, so they often return to the familiar.


Love, harmony and friendship are especially important for Pisces. And they often live in their own dream world, where problems quickly fade into the background and they forget why they have actually separated from their ex. Moreover, this zodiac is hardly resentful, so relationships with the exiled are not so unlikely.


Harmony comes first for crabs. Family has an extremely high priority for this zodiac sign. Like the virgin, the cancer also has a hard shell that is not easy to crack. It takes time for the cancer to really trust friends and partners. If it comes to a separation, crayfish like to remember the good times, which is why they often come together again with their ex-partners.


These 4 Zodiac Signs Do Not Get Rid Of Their Ex

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