These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Be Back Together With The Ex In 2019

These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Be Back Together With The Ex In 2019

Posted: January 3, 2019 by XPOFeed

There are people who can not get away from their exiles and eventually end up at the ex – often just because they can not be alone. Especially the beginning of the year causes many singles to report back to their ex-partner , to see if there could not be a love comeback. There are three signs of the zodiac that could actually reunite with their ex in the New Year – but that does not necessarily mean the whole thing will go well …


New year, new luck … or something. Especially Capricorns who are not over their last separation, it comes in 2019 but it again with the ex trying to try and give the relationship again a chance. The Capricorn can simply not accept it and sometimes fail. The perfectionist personality prevents him from completing the past. To get the ex back, the otherwise cool Capricorn even starts to show feelings. However, the love comeback can only work if earlier mistakes are admitted.


Also in cancer, there is a reconciliation with the ex-2019th This zodiac sign is extremely sensitive and can be difficult to process separations. The last relationship has actually still not digested the cancer. That’s why he has not given up hope and wants to try again. This zodiac is so longing for the familiar environment and the ex-partner that all relationship problems suddenly seem forgotten. Not necessarily the best condition for a new beginning. Instead of suddenly reconciling with the ex, the cancer should rather worry about whether this is really about the partner, or he just can not be alone.


Pisces are among the romantics under the signs of the zodiac. They believe in true love and are completely absorbed in a relationship. The worse for them is a separation. If something fails in which they put a lot of energy, it takes a long time to recover from it. The reason: Pisces are very difficult to deal with. Instead of facing a confrontation, they rather run away from their problems. This often leads to relationship. But that should change in 2019. This zodiac finally wants to address and clarify things openly. Actually a good prerequisite to risk a fresh start with the ex – but only if both are really ready to face the new challenges.

These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Be Back Together With The Ex In 2019

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