These 3 Zodiac Signs 2019 Get A Marriage Proposal

These 3 Zodiac Signs 2019 Get A Marriage Proposal

Posted: December 25, 2018 by XPOFeed

Uhhhh, we hear the wedding bells ring ! For some Zodiac signs, 2019 still has a lot in store. Especially for these three here. They’ll get a marriage proposal next year and get engaged.


2019 will be absolutely successful for Leo. Instead of always looking at yourself, this zodiac sign will finally make you think about others in the coming year and become more down to earth. Gone are the days of party, loose relationships and Co. In 2019, when it comes to love, nails are finally made with minds.


While in 2018 love was so much for Capricorn, 2019 will change. Eliminated are finally deleted from the head and the zodiac sign is ready for something new. Even so ready that by 2019 it may finally find its soulmate.


For the Taurus there will be change in the coming year. He dares finally out of his skin and is ready to break new ground and look forward. Especially in terms of love. 2019 will be exciting and passionate for the bull and for one or the other there will be a nice surprise in the form of a marriage proposal.



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