These 3 Zodiac Men Make For Lovesickness

These 3 Zodiac Men Make For Lovesickness

Posted: January 13, 2019 by XPOFeed

That’s all happened to us already, we get the wrong guy and somehow the whole thing ends in absolute disaster instead of a happy relationship – including bad lovesickness. Often you can not know in advance but what comes to you. However, a look at the date of birth can sometimes give an indication of the personality. Because these zodiac men are among the absolute heartbreakers.


Pisces-men are slow to open and seldom talk about their feelings. Building a relationship with him is not easy and takes time – often too much time. While the partner in a relationship with this zodiac emotionally surrenders and thus hopes to win the Pisces for themselves, the fish gives as little as possible of its price. It can even lead to the point of completely forgetting that he is in a committed relationship and cheating on the partner. Lovesickness is so preprogrammed.


Leo need attention and always want to be the center of attention. With them one is unfortunately rarely the number one. One reason why relationships with lions are so often broken up and cause heartache. Not only does he put himself first, but he also needs constant confirmation from other women. If you can not tame him, keep his hands off him.


Libra men constantly have something to expose to their partner. Of course, sometimes you have to compromise and respond to the needs of the other person. This is not necessarily easy with a Libra, because you can do nothing about this zodiac sign. The constant criticism often leads to a relationship-out and usually leaves a rather injured partner.


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