These 10 things brides should avoid on their wedding day!

Posted: November 12, 2018 by XPOFeed

Well, are the wedding bells ringing soon? Then think next to the seating and the buffet necessarily on the following points, because only then you can enjoy your wedding day without unnecessary stress.

The wedding should be the most beautiful day in the life of a bride. That’s why months before the big day are in the hot planning phase. Who is on the guest list? Which dishes are served? Which wedding songs are danced to? Questions about questions that all want to be clarified. Since stress is inevitable.

But as exhausting as the time before the yes-word can be, so relaxed should be the actual wedding day . After all, you want to enjoy it to the fullest, right? That works only if you avoid these things:

1. Wear new shoes

Do not worry, you do not have to step in trimmed trotters in front of the altar. So that your chic new shoes but bring no nasty bubbles and make the day a painful procedure, you should necessarily run into them before.

2. eat nothing

We understand perfectly that on such a day you often do not get a bite of nervousness. Nevertheless you should eat something. Just think about what happens when your circulation suddenly runs dry while standing in front of the altar? Question to the distress your Maid of Honor: The one or the other snack she has certainly prepared for you.

3. Eat something that stains

Speaking of food: If you eat something, then maybe not necessarily the dark gravy or cherries from the chocolate fountain. There are spots pre-programmed and they can be on your radiant white wedding dress is not so easy to conceal.


4. Drink too much alcohol

Toast once here, again to toast there – on your wedding day the champagne flutes ring countless times. Of course you should have fun, but do not forget to change the champagne every now and then with water. After all, you want to remember this day for a long time, and not be nurtured for the rest of your life, as you’re drunk drunk at your wedding.

5. Drive your own car

You prefer to drive your own car ? Leave that to others on your wedding day. On the one hand, it’s much nicer to get fucked from front to back, and on the other, your nerves are already riding a roller coaster anyway, so you can not focus one hundred percent on the road. Safety first, you know that!


6. Hang on the phone all the time

We understand that, the mobile phone is also our most faithful companion. But maybe on your wedding day you should consider the possibility of putting the good part in the hands of your maid of honor? Or do you want to hang all day on the line and answer SMS? Your BFF will be happy to play your secretary and give you all the important information.

7. To schedule too little time

You’re more like the all-on-the-press-bride? Jump over your shadow and plan your time generously. What if the streets are suddenly totally blocked? Or the bridal hairstyle needs a second try ?

You will be so much more relaxed if you have time buffer. By the way, do not forget to give you and your sweetheart a few breaks. Pull back, take a deep breath, and realize what a happy day you are having.

8. Be batty because of the weather

If you’re not getting married in the Caribbean, that’s the thing about the weather. If the weather forecast promised bright sunshine yesterday, it can look quite different today. As long as you do not have a very hot line up to Peter, unfortunately you will not be able to change anything. Relax because of that. In the whole planning of the wedding you paid attention anyway to a weather independent location.

9. Fall back on SOS beauty tricks

Of course, you want to look perfect on your big day. However, before jumping to the tanning bed, bathing in a self-tanner or patting the new cloth mask on your face, it can lead to unpleasant surprises. We only say spots, pimples and redness! Stay with your proven beauty routine and be yourself.

10. Believe that everything will be perfect

Because – and you secretly know that – it will not! Something always gets out of hand, breaks down, is delayed (see point 7) or does not turn out to be 100% the way you once planned it. So what? You can not change it now anyway and as long as your husband and you are surrounded by your sweetheart and just enjoy your luck, everything is perfect, right?

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