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Skin care is a key factor when it comes to keeping your skin healthy and beautiful in the long term. Experts distinguish between two care options . On the one hand there is the care for the day. The other side is the night care . It helps to support the regeneration of the skin .

Why does the skin need different care at night than during the day?

When we sleep, our body uses that time to regenerate itself . This also applies to the skin. Good skin care, tailored to the needs of the skin during the night, can help the skin in this process. During the day, it is important that the skin is protected from environmental influences. In addition, skin care should be able to adapt to the needs of modern times. For example, day creams should be absorbed quickly and not greased. It is different with the skin care for the night. This may quietly bring the skin to shine and take a little longer to fully absorbed . Because this contributes to their care effect and thus to a beautiful complexion.

Always choose the right night care for your skin type

Even with the skin care for the night, there is an extensive selection. It is therefore important to know your own skin type before choosing a product . It’s all about problems with the skin. High quality skin care for the night will be effective against these problems. Typical problems are:
  • Dry skin
  • Oily / impure skin / skin with acne
  • Sensitive skin

Of course, there are also skin types that are relatively un-problematic and have no major dry or fatty areas (” normal skin “). Nevertheless, it should not be waived on a good skin care for the night. Because only this way, this skin type is maintained long term.

The skin type can change with age and even change with the seasons . Many people have drier skin in the winter, so they need a richer skin care during the night.

The right cleansing of the skin for the night

Skin care and preparation of the skin for the night starts with proper cleansing. With this make-up and dirt particles are removed . This is important so that the pores are free during the night. Otherwise, impurities threaten to develop, which in the worst case develop into inflammation. Even when cleaning, there are different products for different needs.
In case of bad skin , products that clarify the skin deep within the pores are useful . This gives her the chance to regenerate during the night.

Products for dry or sensitive skin are designed to deprive the skin of as little fat and moisture as possible . In addition, their composition is chosen so that they do not irritate the skin.

In addition to cleaning, for example with a washing foam , with micelle-water or cleansing milk takes place (but not with conventional soap, since it removes moisture), a face lotion ( Tonic be used). This is especially recommended for impure skin , as it frees the pores in addition and prevents further blockages.

The right cream for night care

After cleaning the skin for the night must creamed be . It is a big mistake to do without creaming. Good skincare moisturizes and moisturizes the skin, giving it back what it has lost during cleansing. It is also important to support the skin with a natural regeneration cream.

The right night cream is tailored to the needs of the skin . Whether this is the case with a cream can be found in the package leaflet or the manufacturer’s description. It should also be a special product for the night. Day care is not suitable for this. For example, it offers sunscreen and is designed to serve as a make-up pad . It does not support the skin during its regeneration during the night. An exception applies to combination products that can be used in the morning and in the evening. However, these are only recommended for the normal skin type, which requires no special treatment.

Treat problematic skin areas during the night

Sometimes it is just a few parts of the skin that cause concern. If there are impurities, there are, for example, care sticks or patches that are useful against pimples. They contain special ingredients that dry out impurities and help against inflammation. For dry skin, especially in winter, care creams with urea  can be used.

Nourishing masks and exfoliation as skin care for the night

Once a week (or more often) worth a special care program . These include facial  peels and masks . An exfoliation is used after cleansing. It serves to rid the skin of scales and dirt particles. It also promotes blood circulation. Especially with bad skin, it should be used regularly.

The exfoliation is the ideal preparation for the following use of a face mask . Masks are even more effective than creams as they contain concentrated care ingredients . If it is a mask that does not need to be washed off, it can completely penetrate the skin overnight. But this is not the case with every mask – some have to be taken off with water.

The care of the body skin for the night

What applies to facial skin also applies to the skin on the body. She also regenerates during the night. However, body skin is far less sensitive (with the exception of the skin on the upper back and in the chest, which should be cared for similar to the facial skin). It is therefore less demanding. Body skin benefits from a good layer of body creamor lotion that can be absorbed overnight . Dry areas on the elbow or on other parts of the skin can be treated with Urea Skin Care as mentioned above .

Skin care for men at night – are there differences?

The above tips apply in principle for both sexes. However, men’s skin is generally thicker and therefore more robust than women’s skin . In addition , men tend to skin blemishes , which is hormonal. This is what skin care products for men are designed for . Night care for men stimulates blood circulation without over stimulating the skin. This ensures a fresh complexion. A  night cream for men also helps to prevent the onsetof aging  . It is in this regard to the needs of men’s skin so it pays to use a skincare product designed specifically for men.

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