The Traffic Light Reveals Who Suits Your Zodiac Sign

Posted: October 24, 2018 by XPOFeed

Does the Libra woman fit the Aries man? And the Leo to the Taurus? Your personal partner horoscope with detailed relationship tips.

Who has always wondered why some couples harmonize so well with each other and others do not: the Zodiac Sign could be the reason! Do Leo and Gemini fit together, for example? Or Capricorn and Aquarius? What about maiden and Pisces? As different as the signs of the zodiac themselves, humans also function differently with each other. And what the secret of every combination is – the peculiarities, the erotic, the challenges and the connecting elements – is analyzed by star astrologer Roswitha Broszath exclusively for XpoFeed in our partner horoscope.Partner Horoscope – we call it “Zodiac Sign Traffic Light”

We have briefly christened our partner horoscope the Zodiac Sign traffic light. In the texts we look at every possible relationship constellation, resulting in total 144 pairings. Simply pick up the zodiac sign for the women, so Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio or Sagittarius. And down for the men. Clicked on both, our love horoscope jumps directly to a color: red, yellow or green. The traffic light colors indicate how many challenges there are in love. But do not worry: Roswitha Broszath also says that every relationship is viable. And if you know which beautiful pages and potential points of friction come at you, it’s much easier.

Partner Horoscope for sexual and homosexual couples

The Zodiac Sign Traffic Light is written for couples in heterosexual relationships. If you live in same-sex love, you can also use the partner horoscope. Under each combination text you will find an addition that describes the psychology of the zodiac sign. So for example, the psychology of the cancer woman or the psychology of the scorpion-man, depending on whether you use the top of the women’s choice or below the men. Now look at the psychology texts of your zodiac signs and compare your profiles and which partner suits you.

Much more than the partner horoscope!

You want more astrology on XpoFeed? Apart from the partner horoscope you will find the big annual horoscope for 2018 by Roswitha Broszath and an individual daily horoscope from our partner on the horoscope overview page. In addition, you will find in our Zodiac Sign section a love horoscope, a sex horoscope and everything related to the lunar calendar. Although we do not offer a weekly horoscope or monthly horoscope, but something much better: Our star astrologer looks every fourteen days for you in the stars – almost a double weekly horoscope!

You want to calculate your Ascendant? Then enter your date of birth, place of birth and birth time in our Ascendant Calculator. It’s easy! We wish you much fun at browsing.


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