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Beauty is largely related to proper care, where facial care is a primary component. Which creams are helpful for good facial care and what you should pay attention to, so that the care is tailored to the skin type and individual needs. Here you will find out how you can optimize facial care according to your needs and are optimally protected from the effects of the weather in every season.

Facial care by skin type

Before you decide on a product, you should determine your skin type. Because only when the moisture and fat content of a cream is tailored to your skin type, you will achieve the desired effect. For very dry skin, you can use a high-fat cream, while for oily skin you should only moisturize. Combination skin presents a special challenge in facial care, as it requires the purchase of various products. The safest way to determine your skin type is to use a blotter that has stains on oily skin and thus gives you a basis for choosing the skin care products.

Facial care by age

Young skin is elastic and has lower skin care requirements than older skin. Therefore, you should pay attention to the care of moisture products for your young face and decide against anti-aging products. The care of young skin is based on the retention of elasticity and the rich supply of nutrients, while older skin is fuller and smoother by an up-cushioning and deep-acting cream. Face care products are identified by their area of ​​use and can be selected by you based on your age needs and conditions.

Day and night care in focus

During the day, the skin cream protects you from the effects of the weather and prevents skin damage. But even at night, you should take care of the skin and use a special night cream. As you sleep, your skin recovers from the stresses of everyday life and wakes you up with a relaxed and wrinkle-free face. For very demanding or dry skin, it is advisable to optimize the supply of nutrients through a serum.

Why men need facial care

Men’s skin is felt to be thicker and sturdier, but can dry out just as fast as the sensitive facial skin of women. Special facial care for men is becoming increasingly popular and provides a kick of freshness that promotes a good start to the day and a restful night’s sleep. Men’s skin does not differ from the structure of the human skin due to its biological structure, which means that the focus is on the importance of the right facial care that is tailored to the skin type.

Impure skin as a result of unsuitable care products

Maintaining oily skin with high-fat creams will result in clogging of the pores. Blackheads and pimples are due in most cases to unsuitable facial care and perfumed products. Also visible drought damage or a pale complexion are often associated with facial care. If you have coarse-pored skin and therefore tend to form bumps quickly, you should take intensive and sensitive care.

Dry skin due to lack of facial care

The sun, damp weather and the drought in air-conditioned or heated rooms sets the skin very strong. Here it is particularly important to balance the moisture content and to avoid drying out of the skin. Special moisturizers are ideal for dry skin care and apply a protective film over the largest organ in the body. By balancing moisture, the skin relaxes, is more elastic and makes you feel better.

Care products for the face in summer

In summer, your facial care should always include a sun protection factor. Do not underestimate the risk of ultraviolet radiation, which even in the smallest doses accelerates skin aging and increases wrinkling. Likewise, your skin needs more moisture in the summer, while you better avoid fatty creams and thus prevent the clogging of the pores. A light and fragrance-free facial care is optimal for the summer months and protects your skin from the effects of heat and UV rays.

Care products for the face in winter

When it storms and snows outside, you should not be vulnerable to the weather. Proper facial care prevents dry damage in winter and also helps to ensure that your skin does not lose its resilience and elasticity as a result of the dry heating air. You only need sun protection if you are out in the mountains in winter and exposed to the sun’s rays. Otherwise, choose moisturizing facial care and a serum that you use once or twice a week for intensive care.

Face care in the spring

With the longer hours of sunshine, the demand for proper facial care is changing. A light sunscreen is an advantage, which can be included directly in your skin cream. A lot of moisture and plenty of nutrients are needed so that the skin can recover from the hardships of winter and relax in the summer. The cream can now be lighter again and requires less fat than it was in the winter months.

Face care in autumn

Autumn storms, cold air and rain attack the skin surface. You are not at the mercy of the external influences, if you prevent by a rich facial care and provide your skin with important nutrients and moisture. A light amount of fat can be included in the facial care, so that your skin does not dry out and have unsightly redness.

Facial care for special demands

There are care-intensive and easy-care skin types. For very dry, very greasy or very sensitive skin, you should pay close attention to facial care. Use only products that are tailored to the needs of your skin and free of artificial additives. This applies to the day cream and the night cream, the serum and the eye cream, which treat the most sensitive skin in your face and protect it from dehydration. Not much helps! From a high-quality facial care you need only a small amount, which you distribute evenly on the skin and let in before the make-up.

UV protection for your face

You want a healthy complexion and want to turn brown quickly. However, you should not miss out on a UV blocker in the facial care, as too much sun is carcinogenic and favors the aging of the skin. If you are active in outdoor sports, you need for your face the double SPF that you choose for your body care. Modern skin creams with UV protection optimally care for and provide the skin with plenty of moisture, without you have to apply an external sunscreen and thereby resort to a fatty and for the summer rather unsuitable facial care.

Facial care for young skin

Young skin has relatively low demands on care. But in the youth, lay the foundation, whether you look at your biological age on the skin. Therefore, you should not underestimate the face care and provide moisture, a rich supply of nutrients and vitamins. For young skin, orient yourself to the products that are targeted for your age and tailored to the needs of your skin type.

Anti-aging facial care

Anti-aging facial care cushions visually and stimulates the skin to form the body’s own collagen and to reduce small wrinkles. Anti-Age facial care has no effect in preventive use. Therefore, you do not have to resort to these products at a young age, while anti-aging facial care from the age of 40 years proves to be a good decision. You can not stop the aging process, but with proper care, your skin will look fresh and healthy, even in old age.

Intensive care for severely stressed skin

Are you exposed to high emissions every day, working in the office with air conditioning or outdoors in wind and weather? Then the skin needs special protection and has to be intensely cared for. Rich serums, as well as deep-acting facial care with nutrients and a high moisture content are optimally suited for heavily used skin. Apply the cream several times a day, choosing the time immediately after cleansing. For heavily used and caring skin, a day and night cream, a serum and a special eye cream are the optimal choice.

Combination skin: which facial care is suitable?

Combination skin is not easy to maintain as it divides into different areas. As a rule, the forehead and cheek area is greasy and predestined for impurities, which favor you by an unsuitable facial care. In the eye area and the outside area of ​​the cheeks and over the nose root, on the other hand, your skin forms dry spots. The intensive facial care of the individual areas is more effective than a cream for combination skin, which you apply throughout the entire face. Use a greasy care for the dry areas and cream the greasy areas with a thin layer of moisturizing skin cream.

The right facial care for the eyes

The area under your eyes is only covered by a thin layer of skin. It burns very quickly if exposed to excessive UV radiation and tends to dry out if you are not aware of this peculiarity in facial care. A special eye cream contains all the ingredients you need for under-eye care, for the eyelids, and between the eyebrows and the eye area. Use this face care sparingly and lightly beat the cream as it will give it full effect and provide your eye area with the essential nutrients and moisture.

Can facial care products age?

Like all products, facial care has an expiration date. Use creams only for as long as they are suitable according to the manufacturer. After expiry of the shelf life, the products lose their effect and can promote unpleasant side effects. Care should also be taken when storing your facial care and avoid leaving creams and serums in the sun or storing them in excessively warm temperatures. You do not need to store your facial care in the refrigerator, but in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

Is toned day cream suitable for facial care?

Do not you want to wait for the next summer and start your day with a fresh complexion? Then you can confidently resort to tinted facial care and choose a product that visually refreshes your complexion and still has the important ingredients for optimal facial care. Not the brand or a manufacturer, but the ingredients are crucial in the effect. Even if your fresh complexion is important, you should pay more attention to the composition of your facial care and choose first and foremost a product that is based on your skin type and the specific needs of your face to ensure optimal care.

Face care products for neck and décolleté?

Facial care primarily serves to provide important nutrients and moisture to your facial skin. Alternatively, you can also use the facial care for the neck and décolleté. Often, the extension of the field of application is even more effective than the decision to treat your décolleté with a body lotion and to ensure in this way for elastic and firm skin. If you use tinted care for your face, however, the application on the neck and décolleté is not recommended. For the tinted pigments would settle on the clothing and make it unsightly, even when washed, leaving brown edges that are no longer removable. By contrast, treatment with a serum or the classic day cream and night cream is good for the skin and does not have to end at the transition between the chin and neck.

Conclusion : If you have a day cream, a night cream, an eye cream and a serum in the house, is in the field of facial care comprehensive and optimally prepared. Since the choice of products differs according to the season and skin type, you should be aware before purchasing about which facial care suits you and provides comprehensive care for your skin. For the day cream in summer, it is advisable to choose a product with UV blocker and so exclude that you have to apply an extra sunscreen over the day cream. Not only women but also men, with the right care for the face, prevent aging and provide a fresh complexion that enhances self-esteem and shows that facial and body care are part of everyday life.

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