The right skin care for elders & their mature skin

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In the course of life, much changes, including the skin. To convince even the older age with a radiant complexion and fresh skin, the right skin care is important. Because not every care product is suitable for the elderly and therefore seniors should pay close attention to how they maintain their own mature skin.

The changes in the skin place high demands on skin care

Older people have a higher demand for good skin care, as the skin does not regenerate so quickly. It also becomes more sensitive and can store less moisture. This has the consequence that the elasticity also decreases and so wrinkles can arise. It is not just the face, but the entire body that is affected by the changes. The legs are more swollen and feel heavy, cracked knees and elbows occur and the face looks dull. These changes need to be taken very seriously in skin care. Even the slightest irritation of the skin can lead to inflammation, severe itching or even eczema in seniors. This is partly due to the sweat glands, which are less active over the years. The acid mantle of the skin thereby leaves bacteria and other pathogens more easily through this natural barrier, which leads to an imbalance and ultimately skin problems. With the right skin care, however, can be well prevented.

What do older people have to pay special attention to when taking care of the skin?

Older people tend to dry and dehydrated skin, which no longer has the resilience of “young” skin. Therefore, it is important to provide the skin of the elderly with the appropriate skincare. Moisturizing and moisturizing products are the right choice to counteract and prevent skin problems. Especially after the daily shower, when a mild shower gel and shampoo should be used, it is important to provide the skin with all the necessary substances. With a body lotion especially for seniors, a day cream for the face and other creams for hands or feet, the necessary moisture is returned to the skin. Also suitable for the daily care of the skin baby care products, since the skin of the young children is similar. In addition to the care products, a healthy water balance is also important, as it also significantly affects the skin of seniors. With a sufficient amount of fluid throughout the day, older people have taken a good step towards beautiful skin and, together with skincare, is the right combination.

The best alternatives for mature skin

Since seniors usually have an already sensitive skin, products for skin care, which contain as few substances and additives as possible, are especially recommended. This already reduces the risk of skin irritation and helps not to irritate the acid mantle of the skin too much or even damage it. Likewise, the product should also be adapted as far as possible to the affected skin region. Although a general-purpose cream may at first glance seem a cost-effective way to nourish the skin of seniors, just such products do not provide the required ingredients. Various care series from the trade take into account all the needs of the elderly skin and are composed accordingly. Among them are also natural cosmetic products, which offers a particularly gentle skin care without additives for the elderly.

You can also make skin care yourself

Skin care is also becoming increasingly popular with home-made products that are equally suitable for the elderly. The advantage is that the things you need are usually at hand. For example, olive oil can help with chapped hands or elbows. Honey, cottage cheese, cucumbers and many other home remedies provide the necessary moisture and keep the skin supple. These natural products from the own kitchen are also suitable, if already first redness es and other irritations occurred. The use of these products usually relieves the symptoms quickly and the skin appearance of the elderly is significantly improved.

Exercise in the fresh air

While exhausting sports activities are no longer possible or they are rejected in advanced age, the own skin does some exercise well. Even a short walk outdoors can have a small positive effect on our complexion.

Drink plenty of water

Especially older people often do not drink enough. There is enough liquid just for a healthy skin needed. It is best to drink a lot of water or tea throughout the day. Dry seniors skin can be well with moisturizers improve, but you should always drink enough.

Caution is better than indulgence in mature skin

Nevertheless, as with all other care products, natural substances are no guarantee that the skin will not be sensitive to an ingredient. If redness or pustules appear on the body, another skin care should be avoided. With the regular change of the care product, the skin is always supplied with other important substances, because even the skin of seniors likes it varied. After the change, a test on one part of the body can already provide good information on the compatibility and so another product can be selected early. Even a specialist or beautician is in such a case for the elderly a good contact person who can give a recommendation in terms of care.

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